All Dressed Up

dressing up to go out, do you dress up
All Dressed Up
One of the things that I have noticed with my social group and the others that I belong to is that most of the women in the group get all dressed up for events. We put on our nice clothes, fix our make-up just right, and find the nicest jewelry that matches our outfits. It's fun to play dress up with the girls!

I know when I am at home working on my business or just relaxing with my family, the last thing I want to do is get all dressed up. I like to have "an excuse" to get all dressed up a few times a month. I am not a woman that dresses up to go shopping or to the doctor's office. I enjoy wearing sweatpants and it seems that Crocs are now my shoe of choice since the arthritis has affected my feet. But getting together with the girls makes me want to bring out the dress pants, a nice blouse, and fancy jewelry. I know they will notice...unlike my boys who normally don't pay attention to those things.

When you are new to a social group or just starting one, it might be nice to start things by wearing nice clothes to your next event. You don't have to get all dressed up each time, but wearing a nice pair of jeans and a pretty top along with matching jewelry would be appropriate. My social group likes to take pictures and post them on our website, and its fun to see how nice everyone looks. For holidays we tend to dress in colors to match. For example, for Valentine's Day everyone wore red, and for Christmas we wore green and red (or a holiday shirt).

I really enjoy getting all dressed up with my group members, and find it fun to dress nice for people who appreciate and notice it. Do you dress up in your group or when you go out with friends? Please comment below and let us know what you do.

all dressed up, do you dress up, dressing up

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