7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience and build brand loyalty, your business needs a podcast. Podcasts are an excellent way for you to speak directly to your audience in an informal setting.  

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10 Post Ideas for Your Next Social Media Plan

One of the most challenging things about social media management is the fact that it never stops. Unlike other marketing channels, such as blogs or newsletters, social network profiles invariably require fresh content almost every day. Supplying that constant stream of posts isn’t always easy. We’ve all found ourselves stuck without ideas for next month’s content plan. Next time that happens to you check out these 10 posts for your next social media plan:

1.Post a Quote That Really Speaks to You

Using quotes on social media is a tried and tested way of connecting with your audience. It’s no coincidence the #quoteoftheday hashtag has over 35 million posts. Take part in this trend by posting quotes that inspire you and reflect your brand philosophy.

2.Throw Everyone Back With a Blast From the Past

Consistently producing new content means always chasing fresh photos for use on your marketing channels. However, don’t forget that your old photos are a great source of content. Everyone loves a #throwback shot, and it’s always great to see how far you’ve come.

3. Declare a Milestone

Some moments deserve to be celebrated, so why not share them with your social media followers? Every prize, award or nomination belong on your feed.

4. Source Testimonials, Reviews, and UGC

The best source of engaging content for your channels are your users. Any interaction you have with your audience, whether it’s a feedback, a question, or the social media holy grail – a selfie with your product, can make a great post.

5. Feature Your Team Members

The greatest asset for any business is the people behind it. Introducing your team on your social channels helps personalize your brand and is a great way to thank your employees. Just don’t forget to check with them in advance.

6. Cross-promote Your Channels

You may take it for granted that your business is on Facebook as well as Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that your followers know it. It’s always a good idea to invite them to be part of your audience on every social channel you have.

7. Uplift Amazing People That Embody Your Brand

Spreading love is free and good karma is a bonus. Reposting the work of creators you admire, especially those who channel your brand’s vibes, is a great way to get attention and give back at the same time.

8. Host a Giveaway

Contests and giveaways are the best way to interact with your audience directly. Whether you’re a huge corporation or a tiny artisanal business, giveaways should be part of your strategy.

9. Lean On Your Evergreen Content

The constant need for new content means we often forget the great content we already have. Most blog posts and articles you’ve worked so hard on, deserve to be brought up again once in a while.

10. Speak From the Heart

In an age of likes and hashtags, it’s easy to lose your unique voice. You might be surprised from the reaction you’ll get if you just share your honest thoughts with your audience.

How do you diversify your social feed and reach out to your audience in new ways? Share your go-to post ideas with us in the comments!

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