3 Simple TikTok Ideas You can Use for Your Business Today

3 Simple TikTok Ideas That You can Use for Your Business Today

TikTok can be complicated for many businesses to use and we are here to provide you with 3 easy TikTok ideas that take zero planning. So you can record the TikTok, and upload it immediately.

The idea behind these videos is feeding the ongoing builded hipe. On TikTok, themes and challenges become viral because people consume them, react to them, recreate them, and ride on the trend while its popular. These 3 ideas are a way to stay close to trends while working closely with the main platform influencers.

Idea 1: Voiceover

It only takes a couple of minutes of scrolling through TikTok videos before you can find a popular voiceover that you can perform and redo in your own way. Try to pick a voiceover that you see being used many times and has many views/likes.
Found it? Click on the side right disc.

How to use a sound for a voiceover video on tiktok
Find the bottom right side disk to do a voice over video

By clicking on the disk, you will find all videos used with the same sound. Scroll through a few video ideas so you can get inspired.

Look into all the TikTok videos that used the same sound

Ready to record your spin on it? Press on the big red button and do your thing.
Think about a spin to your video, and an interesting angle that is unique to you and your business.


Done recording? Add some text, effects, and filters if needed. Then, click “next”.

Record your own TikTok

You are almost done! Click on the “select cover” button to catch the two frames that look the coolest. Pciking the best two frames will make your grid look better, and encourage people to click on it.

Make sure to caption your video with a few words (fewer words is better on TikTok). And as always, use relevant hashtags.

Edit your TikTok
Choose a cover, add a short caption and hashtags to your TikTok

Check out my funny TikTok as a voiceover to random spelling in the American language.

Idea 2: Reactions

On your scrolling journey, you will come across a controversial saying that has an opportunity for a humorist reaction. Look for something light, not political.

Found a video to react to? Click on the “share” button.

Next, click on the “Stitch” button.

How to make reaction videos on TikTok

Choose the few moments of the video to which you want to react. 2-3 seconds is all you need. Then click next.

How to crop a video to react to on a stitch tiktok video

Record your reaction to the video. Remember to be as expressive as possible and entertaining. You want your audience to laugh!

Done recording? Follow the same steps of picking a cover, caption, and hashtags.

You got yourself a TikTok!

Check out our Content Strategist, Michal, in a reaction video to Valentine’s day.

Idea 3: Duet

There are so many cool “tricks” or “hacks” going on TikTok. Why don’t you try one of them out?



Look for a video that has a unique message or an interesting hack and try doing it together with the original creator.

This can also be a cool reaction video moment.



For example, if you are trying to promote your business on TikTok and your business is a hair salon – duet with someone dying their hair on their own and record your reaction and feedback.



Found a video to duet with? Click on the “share” button.



Next, click on the “duet” button and record yourself. The original video will play simultaneously with your live recording which makes it easy for reaction videos.


Done recording? Follow the same steps of picking a cover, caption, and hashtags.



You got yourself another TikTok!

Check out our my funny duet TikTok video.

The interesting thing about TikTok is that out of the blue, one of your videos can get some extra attention and go viral, and from that moment on – all of your videos will receive larger-scale exposure. The important thing is to maintain a constant flow of content and keep it fun and entertaining. Never stop yourself from being silly or funny on TikTok. There’s no judgment on this platform!

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