5 Chrome Extensions That Make Content Management Easier

5 Chrome Extensions That Make Content Management Easier

Whether you are a full-time content producer, or it’s just one of your daily tasks, you probably already know that creativity isn’t always enough. To continually write compelling texts, find interesting links, and add engaging images, you need to be efficient and rely on tried and tested methods. This article has 5 Chrome extensions that make content management easier, to make the life of content creators easier and leave more time left for creative ideas.
The Chrome web store has an endless choice of useful tools for just about anything. There are so many of them that it’s not rare to install an extension that seems helpful only to never use it again. Some of them don’t actually make life simpler, and some have annoying malfunctions. Below is a list of extremely useful and completely free (!) Chrome extensions that will never languish at the top of your screen.

5 Chrome Extensions That Make Content Management Easier


Because what isn’t written down is forgotten. Social Media Management means working with a lot of different clients and always having a million balls in the air. It requires organizational skills, attention to details, and a great memory. Ordered lists with everything written down are a must. Sure, you could use pen and paper, but if those aren’t around, this simple list-making tool is just what you need.
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5 Chrome extensions that make content management easier
5 Chrome Extensions That Make Content Management Easier


Because everything looks fascinating while you’re writing. When you’re researching a subject or writing a complex piece, everything you start reading suddenly seems exceptionally appealing. It’s easy to get distracted and find yourself an hour later reading something utterly unrelated to what’s on your agenda. This extension saves those tempting articles in the Pocket app so you can read them when you have the time. If you run out of reading material, Pocket will also make suggestions based on your saved articles.
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Pocket knows what you like and shows you more of that
5 Chrome Extensions That Make Content Management Easier


Because everyone needs an editor. For writers, the spell checker is one of the greatest inventions of our times. It revolutionized the writer’s job and reduced the amount of time spent reviewing written work. But even with a spell checker, no one is immune from typos. Grammarly is a popular extension that’s the next generation of spell checkers. Every word is considered in its context, so there is less chance you’ll confuse sweaty with sweetie or their with there. It also notes punctuation errors, has a built-in thesaurus and alerts you when you repeat the same word too many times.
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Grammarly - your personal editor.

Counting Characters-

Because numbers are important. Twitter recently changed their character limit from 140 to 280. A Facebook post has room for 20,000 characters, but only the first 400 appear above the “see more” line. When you are writing an email, there are different character limits to the subject line and preview line. The ideal length for blog Articles is 1200 words. Numbers matter in the content business, so it makes sense to keep track of them, and this little tool will help you do that.
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5 Chrome extensions that make content management easier


Because you need the right shade to stand out. Color is an immensely significant part of your online presence. Every brand is easily recognizable by its colors and, sometimes, the tiniest change in shade can have a huge significance. Colorzilla is a smart tool that recognizes any tone on your screen and translates it to RGB coordinates you can recreate it in any other app. It also stores the colors you worked with so you can always re-access them. This makes visual content creation more accessible, even to those of us who are not professional graphic designers. 
Colorzilla. What is your color


If you’re not a Google Chrome user, all these tools are as mobile or desktop apps. Finding what works for you and developing your own set of methods is the key to successful content managementKnow of any more tools we have to check out? Tell us in the comments!
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