5 Tricks And Hacks to Upgrade Your Instagram Stories

5 Tricks And Hacks to Upgrade Your Instagram Stories 

With 400 million daily stories uploaded by daily active users on Instagram, many brands try to level up their Instagram Stories and get more creative, more bold, more engaging. In this article you would find 5 tricks and hacks to upgrade your instagram stories.

Even though there are many ways to create high quality Instagram stories (and I’m sure some of you use some kick ass apps for your Stories!) Instagram itself holds some hidden features and tricks you may have missed. 
For all content creators out there, let’s just dive in!
Here are 5 easy Instagram tricks that can spice up your stories and make them stand out: 

1. Create Cool Teasers Easily

Real quick hack that can be very useful: after uploading a photo to stories, use the pen icon to select a color from your picture. Next, tap and hold on the screen for two seconds until the screen is covered with the color you had selected. Then, simply use the eraser tool to reveal parts in your photo, and create a teaser!
Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.33.05 PM
5 Tricks And Hacks to Upgrade Your Instagram Stories

2. Get More Colors

Sick of Instagram default colors? Get this hidden trick: Tap and hold on any of the default color options to reveal the secret color slider! 
Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.33.20 PM
5 Tricks And Hacks to Upgrade Your Instagram Stories

3. Hide Your Hashtags

If you want don’t want to ruin the esthetic of you Story with Hashtags, you can always cover them with an emoji / GIF or use this simple trick: Change the color of your hashtag by picking up a color that will help them blend into the color of your background. Remember! If you resize your hashtags too small they might not be recognized by Instagram search engines.
Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.33.34 PM
5 tricks and hacks to upgrade your instagram stories

4. Align Your Text in Any Font!

For those of you who hate the idea that some of the fonts don’t offer the option of left / right text alignment (Modern and neon fonts, for instance) here’s a simple hack for that: after writing your text, swipe a finger left or right to change the text’s alignment.
Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.33.48 PM
Align your text in any font

5. Add Shadows to Your Fonts

Spice up the design of your texts without using external designing apps with this simple trick: After writing your text, open another textbox and type the same text over again, in a different color, then, arrange the two text and put them together to create this simply design of shadow. A simple trick with a powerful impact!
Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.34.00 PM
5 Tricks And Hacks to Upgrade Your Instagram Stories


With more and more content shared on Instagram Stories, creating a consistent, eye pleasing content can be challenging to some. Use these simple tricks & hacks to give your Instagram Stories a bit of a creative design. Apart from that, use the different templates you can find in designing apps like Unfold and Mojo to create a unique voice to your brand, and make your stories stand out.
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