TikTok Marketing – Your Pressing Questions Answered

TikTok Marketing – Your Pressing Questions Answered TikTok was introduced back in 2016, but it seems that 2019 will be remembered as the year it entered the collective consciousness. The Chinese app became the most downloaded in the US and hit 1 billion downloads globally

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7 Avoidable Content Marketing Mistakes

7 Avoidable Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is a tactic every one understands they need, but numerous marketers still struggle with doing it right. Many businesses invest in producing great content but make avoidable mistakes, that limit the success of their endeavors. This article aims to pinpoint the common pitfalls awaiting digital content creators. We hope it will serve as a checklist all marketers can use throughout their content creation process.

Here are the seven content marketing mistakes marketers are prone to:

1. Failing to have an overall strategy

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of having a content marketing strategy to achieve your marketing goals. Before you start writing blog posts or managing social profiles for your business, it’s crucial that you take the time to outline your objectives and plan your steps. An effective content marketing strategy will include a mapping of your competitors and an analysis of what sets you apart. This strategic plan will serve as your guideline along the way, though of course, it must also be flexible enough for the fast-moving pace of digital advertising.

Content marketing mistakes may be hindering your success

2. Leaving out some of your key audiences

Content marketing is all about engaging with your audience. But how can you capture the attention of someone whom you know nothing about? Taking the time to get to know your target audiences is immensely important. Creating customer personas, reaching out to actual clients, and researching the needs and interests of your buyers is vital. While creating your content, always keep in mind that there are several stages in the sales funnel. Marketers should address each of them with the appropriate message and tone of voice.

3. Not investing in ever-green content

Reuseable and repurposable are important guidelines when it comes to content. Though some of what you write can and should be influenced by current events, producing ever-green content is always a good idea. Creating just one quality piece of content can require a lot of time and resources. Reposting content or serving it out in new ways helps marketers to maximize their return on their investment.

4. Sticking to the same thing

 It’s easy to fall into a routine where we create the same types of content again and again. From videos to infographics, to podcasts, to GIFs, there are a lot of different types of content. And with so many marketing channels out there, not experimenting and trying new things can be a dire mistake. If you’ve been writing blog articles for months, why not try something else?

Want to vary the types of content you produce? Give podcasting a try!

5. Ignoring User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is a popular term that refers to any interaction between a brand and its users that results in content. It can include everything from a written review to a video recommendation. The most significant advantage of this content is its authenticity, which often resonates with other users. Ignoring user-generated content means missing out on an excellent opportunity to reach out to your audience.

6. Overlooking the analytics

Marketers and business owners must take the time to evaluate the performance of their efforts. It’s not always easy for content creators to dive into data and analyze their endeavors. However, this is the one and only way to really understand which parts of your strategy are working and which are not.

7. Neglecting your published content

In a reality where content creation and content promotion are often the responsibility of two separate professionals, it’s easy to overlook the importance of both working together. Content marketing doesn’t stop after the publishing process. In fact, many experts suggest that you spend just 20% of your time creating content while using the other 80% to promote it via social media, blogs, email, and other channels.

Spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting it

Our list doesn’t include the most significant content marketing mistake of all: making lousy content. If the materials you’re producing are not an interesting read for your specific audience, your content marketing has little chances of success. However, even engaging and entertaining content can miss the mark sometimes. Hopefully, this list will help your content to soar. 

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