A brand is no longer what you tell the customer it is –
it is what customers tell each other it is.

– Scott Cook

A brand is no longer what you tell the customer it is –
it is what customers tell each other it is.

– Scott Cook

Meet Social Lady

Social Lady Media Agency  is not just another online digital agency.
Started as a one-woman-show, Social Lady Media Agency has grown to be a premium Media Agency who loves and lives digital every day. Our service is personal and we bring you many years of knowledge and experience at the digital and social media fields.

Led by digital marketing expert Tal Navarro, Social Lady provides businesses, brands, and influencers with highly personalized social media consulting, management, and content marketing services, taking you hand by hand and guiding you to your destination.

Social Lady Media Agency offers services via a small passionate team brimming with 10 years of creativity and experience, mastering the digital marketing arena and will take your business to the next level.

Who is Tal Navarro?


As an entrepreneur and pioneer of digital marketing in Israel, Tal established the first Social Media department at Adler Chomski & Warshawsky, one of the leading advertising agencies in Israel. She founded and ran the first Israeli college for social media marketing and she is a powerful influencer in her own right, established by her successful fashion/lifestyle blog and personal social media channels. Over the last 10 years Tal has been consulting, lecturing, and teaching digital medial strategy, content creation, and web promotion for major firms, start-ups, senior management, and business leaders.

Tal founded Social Lady Media Boutique to help businesses and influencers achieve success through social media.


Tal was named “The Facebook Fairy” for being one of the most influencing people on the internet, at the business magazines “Lady Globes” and The “Epoch Times”.


Tal was chosen as one of the 50 most influential people on Digital/Social media in Israel on Timeout Magazine.


Tal was chosen by “Forbes Israel” as one of the 40 “Young & Successful” persons in Israel.


Tal was chosen by “TheLeadres” to 1 of the 100 leading Instagram accounts in Israel.


Tal was chosen by “Lady Globes” Business Magazine to be 1 of the 50 strongest women on Facebook.


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