5 Pieces of Advice Social Media Managers Want to Give Their Clients

5 pieces of advice social media managers want to give their clients

As social media and content managers, there’s nothing we want more than seeing our clients succeed. Not just because the growth of your business means we did a good job, but because we stand behind what we advertise, and believe in the quality of your product and service. 

There are, however, several things that every social marketing manager wishes that business owners would do to help us provide them with a better service. These are essential guidelines for business owners who employ digital advertising professionals as part of their marketing strategy. So if you’re planning to hire a content marketer or are wondering whether the team you are currently working with is doing everything they can for you, consider these tips:

1. Help us get to know your business

Take the time and invest the effort to help your social media manager gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, its unique benefits, and position in its niche. We are the people in charge of explaining to the world why it should buy your product, so it’s worth your time convincing us first. As your business evolves, keep us in the loop. Don’t forget to give your media team an update on new markets you think of working with or products you are planning to launch.

Explain your business

2. Be transparent

Ok, so social media managers aren’t therapists, and we don’t expect clients to open up about their lives. But it is vital that you share with us everything about your marketing strategies and previous experiences with social media. We want to know what social channels you’ve used in the past and how they worked for you. It’s even more crucial to let us know what other tools you’re using right now. If you’re working with one team on Google ads and using another professional for your Facebook page, be sure to tell them about each other.

It’s impossible to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. When you start working with a new social media team, have a talk about your objectives and use their knowledge and experience to set clear and achievable goals together. Be upfront about your budget and your expectations from social media advertising. Set realistic KPIs for the metrics that matter most for your business. You can re-visit these goals periodically and re-adjust them as you go along. 

Ask questions

4. Ask questions

We get it, running a business is very hard, and you don’t always have time to be on top of your marketing endeavors. After all, isn’t that why you hired us? Despite how busy you are, it’s essential that you gain an understanding of what’s being posted on your pages and why. Ask yourself if the content we send for your approval is relevant to your target audience. And ask us anything you’re unsure of or feel the need to clarify. Whether you’re a social media pro yourself or have never belonged to a social network in your life, you should feel comfortable asking anything that comes to mind.

5. Watch the numbers (but don't lose sight of the big picture)

There are different approaches to what makes a successful social media presence. Long gone are the days when the number of followers or likes you had was enough to determine your position. The sheer growth of your profiles is still important, but much more is needed to measure real success on social media. Focus on achieving real engagement with potential customers as the most important goal of social media advertising. And above all, remember that content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. There will always be posts that won’t get enough attention and approaches that fail on the way to success.


Watch those numbers

Open communication between social media managers and the business owners (or marketing managers) who employ them is essential. We hope this text will inspire clients and colleagues to improve their collaboration and achieve their goals.

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