We Love Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it, see what
our clients have to say

We Love Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say

Client Testimonials


@Kumbaya_App, A Marketplace For Parents

Chen Levanon & Adi Zief Baleteriski, owners of KumbayaApp. “We worked with Social Lady for more than a year and a half, during which they were a vital part of our marketing efforts, since the beginning. As a new startup, we needed to work with professionals who can create a social presence that captures our product and company’s spirit as they are developing. The Social Lady team helped us translate our vision into content, helped us shape the strategy and foundations of our marketing efforts, and brought us a big exposure and many downloads to our product from the App store. We were very happy with our account’s performance and the constant growth in our social reach throughout the time we worked together. The Social Lady team was exceptionally responsive and always ready to look for new ways to spread the word about our app. We recommend to anyone looking for a creative and reliable social media service that’s success-oriented to work with Tal Navarro and Social Lady team."

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@ayeletzurer, Actress

“I had very little knowledge about the Social Media platforms, and even less willing to deal with them, but I knew it is important for me to build my online presence - so I approached Social Lady for help. Social Lady team brought to the table tons of knowledge, experience, and built me an amazing strategy that I implement till today, They share feedbacks for stuff I write and upload my activity and exposure grew, engagement increased and the team is super professional, nice and patient and consults me on everything I need related to the digital channels. Love working with them!"


@noazitoun, Makeup artist

“I have been working with Tal Navarro and the Social-Lady team for over a year and during this period I grew from an almost non-existing following and no interaction to tens of thousands of followers and potential customers. Some of them became regular clients and I built valuable connections that brought me to the next level of success! The staff over at Social-Lady provides immediate response and customer service is truly excellent. They deserve the credit for making my business and image grow. Apart from that, working with Social- Lady is easy. They are Pro's. I would warmly recommend them to anyone who is looking for this service!”


@Chef_Charliefadida, executive chef at the global Food Global Services company

“As I grew my company, I knew I would need a professional digital media team to manage my social media accounts. I have done some research by asking friends and colleagues who all recommended I contact Tal Navarro. After working with her and her team for over 6 months, I can understand why. They have delivered excellent results every step of the way. They help choose the perfect photos and write the accurate text to accompany the post, this combination leads to more and more followers, likes and engagement from quality users of social media. Since starting to collaborate with Social Lady, their excellent work has resulted in tripling the amount of followers on my page. I would highly recommend every growing and established business to make one of the smartest marketing decisions and work with Tal Navarro and her team. That would be the right move for your company. I thank my lucky star everyday to have been given the opportunity to work with Social Lady ”


@snobmakeup, bar barak, Makeup artist

“I've been working with social lady for over a year and I really enjoy the results. My Instagram followers are real and active targeted followers who engage and respond to new and even old photos that represent my work and are very important to me. Tal is absolutely stunning and great to work with. Her and her team are completely professional and bring results. There is no room for deliberation. This is a mandatory service for any business that wants to work digitally, and Tal is simply the best in this field. Social-Lady has changed the way I work.”


@shaniatias.1, Actress & Movie Star

“Social Lady is amazing to work with. I have been working with them for a very long time now, and it's easy, quick, and most importantly efficient! After I started working with Social Lady my Instagram followers grew immensely, my page got more exposure and the engagement reached a new level. What I like about their services is that it targets the people that are right for you or your product and not random people. Highly recommended!”


@theivy.co Tara Seruya – Online App - Interior designers Community

“We needed to increase Instagram exposure because our target market uses Instagram on a daily basis. I trust Social-Lady completely. With very little direction needed from my end, the amazing Instagram promotion tool is able to execute and bring great results. Our followers amount have increased and they are our targeted and focused audience. We are very happy to work with Social Lady & will always recommend working with them if you want great results and more traffic! ”


@yellowbrickrunway, a blogger & a model

“Networking is key for a fashion blogger, and attracting followers out of the sea of other bloggers is certainly difficult. Social Lady offers a friendly PR service with a personal touch that helped take my exposure and social media interactions to a much higher, and much appreciated, level. The Social Lady team is responsive and easy to work with, and I am pleased to recommend them. ”


@Splacer.co, Lihi Gerstner CMO & Cofounder of a Startup company - a marketplace for event spaces

“Social Lady is a company managed by a brilliant person with a great team with excellent skills and customer service. We really enjoyed working with them and achieved great results with the services they provide. Our social engagements and followers grew tremendously and we saw the results every day. Social lady is very “hands on” and we did not have to worry about promoting or managing. The SM team worked independently and achieved amazing results. We extremely appreciate the work with Social Lady and recommended her to all of our colleagues.”


@karenMichelleLA Fashion by Karen Michelle, CEO

“I have been working with Social Lady quite some time now and since starting to work with Tal and her team, I am very happy with the exposure of my business to my relevant audience. The interaction with customers on Instagram highly improved and as a result the likes went up. Social Lady provides excellent customer service and will be there to answer any question at any time.“


@YoavSchverd, Private Chef

“Working with Social Lady has leveraged my business and introduced me to a new marketing channel that I have barley used before. Since working with Social Lady, I realized how this tool supports my goal of reaching my targeted audience through my passion, which is food. As a private chef, this experience opened another communication channel with my customers. I have worked with Social Lady on different campaigns and my Instagram page was introduced to potential clients who I work with today. For that and much more, I am thankful for that everyday.”


@Shailylipa, Cookbooks author, culinary editor and a TV cooking show host

“Likes and comments have increased significantly since we started working with Social lady. I am very pleased with the results and the exposure to my targeted audience through Instagram. Likes and interaction with clients grew as well. Social lady’s work is very professional, pleasant, honest and true. I strongly recommend working with Tal and her team!”


@TomerPeretzart, Artist

“I’ve been working with Social Lady for the past year and the results are amazing! I reach new and potential clients everyday. I see much more interaction on the posts I upload. I have worked with the team to focus the exposure and therefore attracted my targeted audience. Alongside these great results, the customer service is amazing; Tal and her team pickup the phone and respond to text messages at any given time. I Highly recommend Social Lady to your business.”


@efi_fitness_, Yoga Instructor

“I’ve been working with Social Lady for a while and I am extremely pleased and thankful. Right as we started TO collaborate the number of my followers increased significantly. The Social Lady team is professional, kind and helpful. They offered me lots of tips and tools to improve my page and promote me as a Yoga teacher in social media. It created great interaction and a lot of interest on my page. As a result, I gained access to a large amount of potential customers and my business started to grow. I would highly recommend Social Lady to anyone who is seeking to improve their Instagram account and their business. Start today!”


@Litalbenish - “Bell”, Fashion and swimwear brand, Owner

“I started working with Tal Navarro and the Social-Lady team after searching for a company that will provide me with what I needed in order to get my Instagram account to the next level. Choosing to work with Social-Lady was the best decision I could have made for my business and the results were amazing! Social-Lady’s personal approach, customer service and professionalism helped push my account by creating more exposure. I managed to reach my targeted audience and sell more of my products to new and returning clients. I warmly recommend working with Social-Lady to get your account where it needs to be!”


@mosessiluk, a photographer

“I am glad that I chose to work with social Lady. The team is very helpful with guiding me on how to promote my intragram profile. After using this tool and finding success in communicating with targeted audiences who look at my work everyday, I have managed to grow my business. The results are impressive and speak for themselves. Three months after I started working with Social Lady, the number of my followers doubled from 5,000 to 10,000. Thank you”


@mayaya.kids - Kids fashion Aya Fridman, Owner

“Working with Social Lady is a pleasure. I've been working with them for a long time now and I must say they are very professional and easy to work with. Since we started to work with Social Lady our number of followers’ increases daily and we are able to reach a larger audience who we introduce our brand to. Our potential clients get to see our product and this exposure leads to more sales. I would definitely recommend Social Lady to anyone who wants to use Instagram as a marketing tool”


@Liron_fitness, Personal Trainer

“My name is Liron Schwartz, a fitness trainer and owner of a women's slimming and weight loss studio. As part of my work it is important for me to reach out to as many women as possible, to help them in the process, to support them and to encourage them to change. I needed a company that would help me reach as many women as possible and after many attempts with various companies; I have found Social-Lady and have been working with Tal Navarro and her team for almost a year now. I am very pleased. We reached over 5000 followers in just three months, a large number of them became my customers thanks to Tal's activity and great service on Instagram. For anyone who is interested in developing and growing their social media presence as well as marketing and distributing themselves among a large audience, I strongly recommend working with Tal. Results are guaranteed from day one.”

Yakir Shukrun

@yakir_fitness, Personal and group fitness trainer

“I have been working with Social- Lady for a long time and I am very happy to recommend their service. My account has reached destinations that I did not know were possible to reach, before we started working together. I feel the growth on all fronts related to my activity. It is equally important to note that the customer support department is very professional! Their availability and response to questions is amazing. I always receive personal attention and quick replies that bring great results to my business and growth on Instagram and beyond. Highly recommended!”

גודי מאפרת

@judy.eisenberg_makeup, Makeup Artist

“I came across Social Lady Marketing through my husband who has known Tal personally as an amazing person. And indeed, from our first conversation I felt in good hands. Tal gave me the tools to promote my account, I learned a lot from her and the account progressed and grew. Every question and request was always answered immediately and with good energy. Highly recommended! Thank you Tal ♥ Love Jody Eisenberg of Torin”

סולו איטליה

@soloitalia_travel, Organized trips to Italy, Owner

"A joint work of almost a year together has brought the Solo Italia account to a wide range of activities, a massive growth of followers and to an audience that loves the brand and generates high exposure and shares. The content strategy and the team work with Social Lady makes the account to look great and deliver the message and ton of voice of the company and its services to the audience that follows the brand. Excellent customer service and outstanding work. Thank you to Tal and the Social Lady team. warmly recommended!”


@solomiomilano, Italian jewelry luxury brand, personally designed

“As part of Solomino’s marketing campaign, we knew that Instagram was one of the most important tools for promoting the business today. The “Social- Lady" team managed by Tal Navarro, supervised our activity for a long time in the most professional manner. Social-Lady’s customer service and personal attention has brought us great results and growth with our Instagram account. They don’t only provide the basic promotion, there is thought behind the activity. Social-Lasdy’s promotion tool has helped our account gain the exposure  we needed to get to our audience and has created a community that supports the values of our brand and its activity. We warmly recommend their promotion service to anyone who is considering to begin promoting their brand on Instagram.”


@NyLon_NewtyorkLondon Perfume Brand by James Richardson Group and Israeli Actress Dar Zuzovsky

“We’re delighted to recommend Social-Lady.com as a digital marketing agency. We partnered with Social Lady as part of the promotion process for NYLon - a perfume brand by Israeli actress and model Dar Zuzovsky. We received excellent digital media services, including Instagram profile management, building a beautiful new site, and creation of professional content that got impressive results. The Social Lady team was always responsive, patient, professional, and attentive. We gladly recommend their services.”

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