There’s a new player in town: Clubhouse

Everything you need to know about the new social media platform, ClubHouse

Here are the answers to all of your questions: what is ClubHouse? Who is it for? Why should you be there? And, how can you get there?​

ClubHouse /Josh Rose

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What is ClubHouse?

What is ClubHouse? ClubHouse is an app offered exclusively to Apple users (as of now). The app is a platform for audio-only conversations, with no option to chat or  upload media. ClubHouse offers various “rooms” handling unlimited recent topics such as self-development, dating and romance, nutrition and diet, politics and news, marketing and law, empowerment, and hobbies.
This allows the users to be on the platform at all times because looks do not matter. You can listen to various conversations in your car, on a walk, in the shower, or first thing in the morning. This accessibility or participant that doesn’t require any steps of “getting ready” provides a large degree of convenience.
Anyone and everyone can “open” a new “room” dedicated to any topic he is interested to develop, then some of the participants are “sitting” on the platform and have the right to speak. The rest of the members in the room sit in the “crowded” and they can’t contribute to the conversation unless given permission by someone who “sits” at the platform. Crowd members can ask to speak by virtually raising their hands.
When first joining ClubHouse, you are asked to pick your favorite topics and are given the option to follow certain clubs that include relevant rooms. Then, you can also access your calendar to see when is your club hosting various talks.

Who is ClubHouse for?

ClubHouse is targeting an older crowd. Most of the time, professionals, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and intelligent human beings, that enjoy lengthy conversations that analyze various views.


If you are a big fan of Podcasts, you will enjoy ClubHouse. Oftentimes, podcasts stimulus our thinking and inspire us to think on mattes from other points of view. However, it sometimes feels one-sided. This is where ClubHouse comes into play because it is like listening to a multiple-guests podcast that challenges each other and provides an even wider range of opinions and points of view.


ClubHouse takes podcasts to the next level.


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The ClubHouse Community

The people on ClubHouse are very positive and very helpful. The common sense of helping each other and canceling “status” on the platform encourages the users to wear multiple hats. You might be an expert in one room, and a listener in a different room, and so you have the opportunity to teach and share you knowledge, while also learning from others.


The platform was formed to help each other out, some rooms are dedicated to help people understand how to use ClubHouse. People testify that the sense of mutual help is rare for social platforms, and is what makes ClubHouse unique.

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How to Join ClubHouse?

The only way to get access to ClubHouse is by recieving an invitation from an active member. Each current member has five invitations to give away to people. The right to invite other is only given to members after they “proved” their active participant. The person who invited you to the platform will forever be mentioned as your nominee on your profile.

Whoever you are inviting to the platform is important. Because, if someone is breaking the ClubHouse rules (for example, encouraging violence or racism) his account and his nominee’s account being blocked forever.


The type of content ClubHouse encourages will probably continue to attract intelligent people, and will most likely leave kids outside of the platform.



In case you were wondering what will follow TikTok’s success and what platform is going to conquer people’s attention, you can safely bet your cards with ClubHouse as the next big thing.

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