10 Types Of Content You Can Design Yourself With Canva

Content Design You Can Do Yourself With Canva

The COVID Pandemic has all of us looking for ways to do more things ourselves and takeover tasks we previously delegated to professionals. While there is no substitute for an expert’s touch, there are many marketing tasks you can learn to do yourself. Design for Social Media has become especially achievable thanks to easy to master programs like Canva. Once you understand the simple principles behind this software, you can design almost anything. If you’re wondering what kind of tasks can you do with Canva, read the article below.

What is Canva anyway?

Canva.com is an online design software you can use from your computer or phone. It’s free to use but does have a Pro version with lots of extra features and access to more elements and stock photos. Canva includes a broad choice of templates for almost any format you might need as part of your social media activity. The templates are easy to customize to your brand and company images. And if you can’t find what you need, you can simply create a custom design in the size and format you require. All these features make Canva an excellent tool for social media managers, digital marketers, and business owners. Learning how to use Canva for your needs can save you lots of money on graphic design and content creation.

Canva logo
Canva is free for desktop and mobile

What makes Canva a great design tool?

Canva is simple to grasp and easy to use – you’ll become an expert designer in no time. Its basic features are completely free, so you can get to know it without investing any money. It produces high-quality images and videos. You can easily download designs to your device or share them directly to your social channels. Even the free version will provide you with lots of fonts, icons, animations, and images that will seamlessly come together to create an appealing design.

Designing a Facebook Page Cover is easy with Canva

So How Can You Use Canva?

Here are 10 ideas for types of marketing content you can create using Canva.com. These useful advertising tools will be made more effective once you pair them with a sleek design. Creating them yourself completely free will feel pretty good too:

1. Logos

A memorable logo is one of the essential parts of your branding. While the branding process of creating a completely unique logo is vital for many businesses if you’re just starting out, why not use Canva to make a professional-looking logo in no time.

2. Business Cards & Flyers

It’s not all about digital marketing. Many professions still require a printed business card or informational flyers to hand out to clients and colleagues. Design them on Canva and make a file you can send directly to the printer.

3. Social Media Posts

Every type of social media post has it’s own size requirements. Canva has preset layouts you can use without worrying that your content won’t fit the frame. The templates are a great way to find inspiration for the content and get a grasp of a suitable style for each network.

4. Banners & Covers

Banners for sites, landing pages, newsletters, and covers for Facebook pages or Online Shops are a pain to design. Each format calls for a different size, and these often look different on mobile and desktop. Creating them with Canva takes out the guesswork, as you can find a pre-set layout for every need.

5. Social Media Stories

Lots of apps are explicitly dedicated to Story design, but Canva is an excellent tool for this job. Choose from lots of elegant templates and take them up a notch by combining your own photos with the built-in stock collections.

Stories Designed with Canva
Choose from an endless selection of Story templates to make attractive Stories

6. Marketing Emails & Newsletters

Marketing Email Software often has limited design options that fail to capture the reader’s attention. Use Canva to create marketing emails and newsletters that correspond with your brand and look fantastic.

7. Presentations

A sleek presentation makes any meeting look more professional. PowerPoint and Google Slides are fantastic tools, but if you want to make a genuinely outstanding slide deck, give Canva a try.

8. Resumes

Employers and recruiters browse through an endless stream of resumes every day, so it makes sense to invest in designing your CV to stand out. Use Canva’s choice of resume templates to increase your chance of getting the job you want.

9. Zoom Backgrounds

Video meetings have become a big part of everyone’s life in the past months. Instead of letting everyone stare at your living room wall or just choosing a random photo of a tropical beach, design a branded background that will tell other people on the call who you are and how they can get in touch.

10. Infographics

Infographics may not be as easy to create as the other items on our list, but the result is usually worth it. Posting a well-designed infographic that provides visual information to your audience is a sure way to increase the time people spend on your blog.

Canva Infographic

There are just a few examples of materials you can easily design yourself with Canva. Once you get to know the software, there’s no limit to what you can make.

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