How to Create a Linkedin Profile and Grow Your Linkedin Presence

How to Create a Linkedin Profile and Grow Your Linkedin Presence

If you’re a professional looking for work or networking opportunities, or a company owner that wants to promote his business, Linkedin is an essential platform for your digital presence. Creating a Linkedin profile is easy, as the business-oriented social network has a user-friendly interface. However, making sure that your profile stands out and attracts potential employers and clients is not always that simple.

Create a Linkedin profile
Create a Linkedin profile

Here’s what you need to know to create a Linkedin Profile that will help you get noticed:

Start with perfecting the basics:

  1. Your profile photo – make sure your profile has a professional headshot that represents your business side.
  2. Username – use your full name on Linkedin – no nicknames or aliases here.
  3. Profession – take the time to define your specific field. 
  4. Role – describe the title of your current position
  5. Cover photo – Just like on Facebook, you can add a picture at the top of your LinkedIn profile. If possible, choose an image that shows your professional activity or relates to your field. If not, you can find a choice of suitable backgrounds to download free from the web.
Linkedin Profile
Use the full potential of your Linkedin profile

Upgrade your profile by showcasing your achievements:

Once you’ve set up your basic Linkedin profile, make sure to add anything that can add more insight into your career so far:

  1. Feature articles you’ve published or blog posts you’ve written. You can always post with a link to your article, but featuring them will make sure they will appear at the top of your profile. 
  2. Consider posting full-text articles to Linkedin. You can duplicate articles you’ve published elsewhere.
  3. Mention achievements such as test scores you’re proud of or awards you’ve received.
  4. Post recommendations from former employers or clients. 
  5. Showcase services you offer.
  6. If you’re currently looking for work – don’t forget to mark what kind of positions you’re open to.

Optimize your "About" Section

The Summary or About Section is the most personal part of your profile where you get to describe yourself in your own words. It can be compared to a cover letter you would write for your CV. Some creativity can be good here but remember LinkedIn is still a professional network. Here are a few other tips for writing a great Linkedin “About”:

  • Start with a strong punch line
  • Tell a story that stands out
  • Include relevant keywords and search terms
  • Include your contact details


Linkedin Summary
The Summary or About Section is the most personal part of your profile

Stay active on the platform

Like any social network, you can’t expect to get noticed on Linkedin if you don’t follow others and post content. Here are a few basic ground rules to grow your presence:

  • Post quality content. Don’t just drop links – share your thoughts and opinions.
  • React and comment on the content of others. Again, this is a basic rule for any social network, but if you want people to notice you on Linkedin, make sure you comment with real thoughts on what they post.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags are an essential part of Linkedin discoverability, Use 3-4 hashtags in each of your posts.

Create a Business Page

Business pages on Linkedin have limited organic reach, so you probably won’t get your content noticed by posting to them. However, take into account that unlike personal profiles, business pages are indexed and can help with the SEO of your business.


A strong Linkedin profile can be vital in finding a new position when searching for work. For businesses, it can be a tool to find clients and make connections. Setting up a detailed profile, optimizing your summary, and consistent activity is critical to growing your Linkedin presence.

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