Should Linkedin Advertising be Part of your Digital Strategy?

Should LinkedIn Advertising Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy? Linkedin advertising has been around for a while, but there are still a lot of businesses that don’t include it as part of their digital advertising strategy. In the past, the social network for professionals has

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Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem

Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem

Since my childhood days, growing up in the Krayot area located in the north of Israel, Jerusalem always has a special part of my life. My mother, may she RIP, loved Jerusalem, and so we frequently visited the old city.
It’s incredible to see how much the city has evolved. For example, museums, culinary worlds, restaurants, markets and the incredible development of the city’s cultural worlds.
For me, a geek in the soul, it’s equally exciting to see how much the city evolved in the fields of digital media and technology.  That is why I was so excited to take part at the Digital Marketing conference in Jerusalem.
Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem

Collaboration with The Labor Board

One of the significant digital developments in the holy city is the work of the Jerusalem Labor Board.
Therefore, it was an honer for me to be working with the Labor Board to assisted the residents of Jerusalem to find the right jobs for them.The labor board is responsible for recruiting almost 5,000 residents a year. Furthermore, they’re providing services to almost 20,000 different residents per year.
Together with MTI Digital, they bring the digital field to the forefront and help develop the field in the city.
Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem

The First Digital Convention of It's Kind

A month ago, I took part in organizing a unique conference in Jerusalem. It  brought together Digital Marketing experts from Jerusalem and beyond. Above all, the amount of knowledge shared on stage was huge.
My presentation addressed my outlook on where social media and technology are headed. In addition, I talked about my journey and how anyone can build a business online by having the right strategy, providing real value, and creating quality content.
Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem

Participated With Me

The talented Yael Glazer. CEO and founder of Glazer Guidance. She discussed the influence of Amazon entering the Israeli market and provided tools for international e-commerce.
The gifted Alon Neuman.  Head of digital marketing in Mobily and an expert on digital in international companies. He described his experience with international digital projects. In addition, he told us how small businesses could succeed online.
>Moreover, we summed things up with an empowering panel discussion along with Daniel Ziv, the head of MATI’s digital department. We discussed what new entrepreneurs and small businesses need in order to succeed. The audience participated with relevant questions and learned a lot on this burning subject.
Digital Marketing Conference in Jerusalem
A big thanks to the Jerusalem Municipal Authority of Employment (The Labor Board).
To Elad for my flawless hairdo.
And all the hundreds of participants in this event.
Get ready for the next time.
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