10 Tips for Working from Home

10 Tips for Working from Home Last week, millions of people all over the world had to leave their offices and adjust to a new reality. For many, it was not easy to function without their daily routine, as all of us find ourselves trying

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Facebook Creator Studio Beyond Instagram Scheduling: Who Should Use It and What For?

Facebook Creator Studio Beyond Instagram Scheduling: Who Should Use It and What For?

One of the complicated things for social media managers and business owners who want to use Facebook’s marketing platforms is the overwhelming number of interfaces and menus you need to get to know. Managing a Business Page on Facebook, and even more so, working with Ads Manager requires operating intricate programs and switching between different settings. Those who gain a deeper understanding of Facebook’s platforms, often discover that there usually is more than one way to achieve the same result. Whether it’s publishing a sponsored ad, editing a post, or adding a video on your page, Facebook’s tools include several paths to the same result.

The Creator Studio interface was added to the Publishing Tools section of the Business Page a few years ago, as part of the launch of a specialized Facebook app for creators. While the app itself was quickly abandoned, Creator Studio remained a dedicated interface for managing content from your desktop, which allows for easy scheduling and advanced options for video materials. Many of its features are convenient, but not altogether different from what you can do with the regular Publishing Tools tab. 

In the summer of 2019, as part of yet another attempt to launch specialized features for content creators, Facebook added the possibility to schedule Instagram posts to the Creator Studio. This option, which was previously accessible only through 3rd side programs, was a crucial improvement in the lives of content managers. It also made people notice the Creator Studio and transformed if from yet another Facebook interface into a practical work tool.

If you don’t manage Instagram accounts, or simply haven’t gotten around to using Creator Studio, here are a few of its unique features:

1. Schedule posts on Instagram and IGTV

As of now, the Creator Studio is the only official way to schedule posts on Instagram. There are still limitations, as you still can’t edit a post once its scheduled, but any Instagram content manager who has ever wanted to take a short holiday is extremely thankful for this addition. The Creator Studio is also the only tool that allows scheduling IGTV videos. An option that wasn’t available before even through third-party scheduling apps.

2. Conveniently manage Facebook content

As we already mentioned, Creator Studio may not give you radically different options, but it does make existing ones more convenient and accessible. In the CS, you will be able to see all your posts: published, scheduled, and drafted, in one place.

3. Creating multimedia posts

Several types of posts are now available only as paid ads or through the creator studio. If you want to post a photo album, a carousel, or a photo slideshow, you’ll be able to do so through Creator Studio’s Multimedia posts option. The Studio also offers the option to create posts that combine video and stills, like Ads Manager’s Canvas.

4. Free sounds collection

One of the difficulties in creating original video content is finding copyright-free materials. Facebook encourages its users to create more videos by offering a free sound and music collection, which you can use any way you see fit.

5. Video content management

In many ways, the Creator Studio emulates YouTube’s content management system, also called Studio. Facebook’s decision to invest in the launch of Creator Studio is another proof of the stress it places on video. Anyone who posts a lot of video content will find a lot of useful features in the Creator Studio. You have the option to create playlists of your videos and apply for monetization – just like in YouTube’s Studio. Video makers can also get more data on the performance of their posts and get insights into the audiences watching them. Another exciting feature is the option to cross-post a video on different pages.


Facebook’s content management systems have changed little in the past years. Content managers often encounter annoying glitches and problems with post scheduling. For social media managers and especially those who post a lot of videos on their channels, the Creator Studio is a good alternative that can become your primary Facebook content management tool.

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