7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience and build brand loyalty, your business needs a podcast. Podcasts are an excellent way for you to speak directly to your audience in an informal setting.  

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How to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

How to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

Why do you need to grow your audience?


Your audience is one of your most important business assets. They show up to hear what you have to say. If they like what they see and trust the source, they’ll become loyal followers and loyal customers.


So, how do you get more people to show up? Where do you find them?


Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the professional social media platform to be on. It’s more than a place to search for jobs. It’s where you’ll find industry news and tools to increase your knowledge, productivity, and skill set.


And it’s where you’ll find and connect with your ideal audience.


As connecting with humans became more restricted last year, social media became even more important. The same was true for business networking and marketing. Because the traditional face-to-face interactions weren’t possible, everything went online. And during this time, the number of LinkedIn users skyrocketed.


There are over 750 million LinkedIn users, and there’s a good chance your future customers are among them. So, how do you get your fair share?

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Use LinkedIn to post and publish quality content.

An easy way to grow your audience is to consistently post or publish high-quality content. This keeps you fresh in people’s news feeds and gives them something to share with their network. If people in their network find your content relevant and interesting, they’ll connect with and follow you to get more. The more you share, the more you grow.


Quality wins over quantity every time. Posting content for the sake of posting content doesn’t work. Quality content gives your audience something they’re looking for. It answers a question, solves a problem, or gives them relevant information about their industry or interests.

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How do I post or publish on LinkedIn?

Click the Home button at the top bar (where you go to search). Below the Home icon, you’ll see options to start a post and write an article.


Use the start a post option when you’re giving a brief update (similar to Facebook but with a professional slant), sharing another user’s content, or sharing content from an outside source (more on that below). LinkedIn limits post to 3,000 characters. A company page post is limited to 700.


Use the write an article option (LinkedIn’s blog feature) to publish longer content. The maximum number of characters here is 110,000. There was a time when only Influencers could publish articles. Lucky for you, this feature is open to all users.


You’re off to a good start, but you’re not done yet.

Engage with your audience.

Getting great content for your social media is half the battle. You’ve got to be sure to monitor the responses you get. Keep the conversation going with your audience. It shows you care about them and encourages future engagement. It may encourage those who didn’t respond to do it next time.


Sharing other people’s content with your network is another way to engage, especially from Influencers. But don’t just share the content. Tell your audience why you’re sharing it. Give them insight into the subject that wasn’t covered in the article. Ask your readers to give you their perspective. Play devil’s advocate with the author’s opinions or conclusions. Ask questions people will want to answer.


You can do the same thing with industry-related news found outside of LinkedIn. Lead by example and teach your audience what sharing looks like.

Post a video.

All social media platforms give the most attention to video. LinkedIn loves native video (video uploaded to LinkedIn versus sharing a link to a video on another site, such as YouTube), and so do your readers. Video attracts users and engages them far better than text.


Make a video showing how your product works, talking about your services, saying what you would have typed. It doesn’t matter so long as it applies to your audience.


You’ll follow the same steps to post a video as you did when posting or publishing text. The video button is near the write an article button.

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Bringing it home.

Users are looking for reliable information that relates to their industry, interests, or objectives. Give your audience what they want, and you’ll be the first person they think of. They’ll look to you for advice and rely on your experience and expertise, and they’ll share your wisdom with others.


So, before you post an article or video on LinkedIn, ask yourself what value will this bring to your audience? Does it answer their questions? Does it solve their problems? 


Answer those questions and you’ll have a devoted following.

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