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How Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Feature Actually Work?

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How Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Feature Actually Work?

Instagram announced two new features that are designed to combat cyberbullying. In both cases, the Facebook-owned service seems to be trying to find ways to prevent bad behavior. Their mean goal is to do so without outright blocking posts or banning users. With that being said, then how Instagram’s new anti-bullying feature actually work?

Instagram now expands enforcement by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify offensive images from users. Once the system detects an image that is suspected as offensive, it will forward it to the department of administrators. They will review the information and decide if the uploaded content is harmful or not.

1. Watch Your Language

The first feature based on artificial intelligence. It’s already embedded among users as an automatic mechanism. This feature warns before the user publishing a response that may be considered offensive. “Are you sure you want to post this comment?” The new feature asks. This feature knows how to identify an offensive possible comment right before you publish it. Therefore, will give you the option to undo the comment before you decide to publish.

The new Instagram CEO, Adam Mori, published his first article saying “There is no place for cyberbullying in the Instagram application… As the new manager of Instagram, I am proud of our way and our attempt to make Instagram a safe and pleasant place for all of our users”.  The new mechanism will begin rolling out to users in the next couple of weeks.


How Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Feature Actually Work?

How Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Feature Actually Work?

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2. Protect Yourself

The other addition will start testing soon. This one will have the ability to “restrict” users looking at your account. The second tool “Restrict mode”, is expected to be released soon. Anyone who chooses to define another user under “restrict” will actually be able to “hide” it on the platform. Only you will see the comments and would have to approve them before publishing. Of course, any further information about the user will be unavailable. For example, when did you logged in or whether you read the messages or not.


Instagram Unveils New Anti-Bullying Tools

Instagram Unveils New Anti-Bullying Tools

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Instagram it’s not the first place where we bumped into Cyberbullying. It’s a problem that appears all over the net. Experts say that, as a society, we are failing to teach kids how the Internet works before setting them loose on it. At times when they’re just starting to understand what it means to exert power in relationships. They also say that the fight against cyberbullying can’t be waged by tech companies alone. It needs to be nurtured by the parents, school, and kids themselves.

Maybe its time, that we as a grown-up can show the kids some example and keep the conversations clean, polite and friendly.

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