How to Generate Traffic to Your Website with Instagram

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website with Instagram

A good website with employees who work 24/7 guarantees good service. They can be the face of the company, help with research, respond to queries and even promote sales. However, what good will it bring if you aren’t attracting surfers to your website? Well, it is important to follow up with different ways to bring traffic to the web portal.

Today, there are around 1.24 billion people working all over the world. Huge competition, no doubt. The prime objective is to boost the amount of traffic that you are receiving to your website. Instagram is here to help you out. It was first introduced in 2016 and the main priority was to assist brands as well as their followers to collaborate in other ways apart from “likes” and “following”.

If you’re struggling on how to drive traffic to your website from Instagram, you have come to the right place for this information.

‘Add the Bio!’

One of the easiest methods to bring more website traffic through Instagram is adding a website link in the bio. You can easily revise this link, if you prefer, to any webpage on the web portal that one can actually like.

The majority of brands are connected to the landing page and no one can modify it. Meanwhile, the top companies that are dynamic on Instagram, commonly revise the link and comprise a call-to-action in their posts that informs users to get on the bio. Be creative as well.

Focus on Campaigns of Instagram Ad

One more easy method to bring traffic to the web portal from Instagram is to start working on the Instagram ad campaign. As appose to organic posts, these advertisements are simply clickable. In order to boost the click-through rate, Instagram will take users for the call-to-action. You can learn more about the terms and conditions online.

There is no fixed ad budget. You can start with simply $5 per day, and you could even stop your campaigns after spending $1. It’s recommended that you allow campaigns to run for a while so that you can get an idea of how this works for you by checking stats.

Add to Social Media with Hashtags

Social media is considered one of the best methods to use for endorsement. You can make use of blog posts and additional helpful content on your website. Through this method, you can find followers on social media and attract them to your site, these followers will distribute your content.

By inserting hashtags to posts, you can extend your reach and find users who are looking for your service and products.

Tagging the Product is Equally Important

To achieve real success, you should tag your products from time to time.

You can contact the team of experts to find How to Generate Traffic to Your Website with Instagram!

  • Randal Kocian
    Posted at 23:26h, 23 July Reply

    Really informative, thanks for sharing this!

    • Romit Ron
      Posted at 09:44h, 26 September Reply

      Glad we could help, and no problem!

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