How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Wondering how to get Instagram followers this season?

Instagram has changed a lot and it is more difficult to get Instagram followers and real likes than it was before but you have nothing to worry about – it’s not only you who is getting fewer likes or less reach – in fact, it’s everybody.

The game is more competitive and if you want to get more followers on Instagram in 2018, you are going to need a new strategy and approach. Here are some tips that you can require in order to conquer the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram and get Instagram likes and followers simultaneously.

Select a Great Theme for Your Account

You need to know that themes do two vital things: they focus and organize one’s content and make sure people know the general persuasion they are going to see on one’s profile. Moreover, themes can streamline the process of your content creation because having some limitations is oftentimes better than having none.

Add an Informative and Relevant Bio

Your bio must mention your website (in case you have one), your theme, and something really interesting about you and your process. Everybody has something that makes what he or she does, thought provoking – find yours too and mention it. You can add tags to your bio if you have a certain tag related to your content.

Create a Blog

Well, you are a true professional when you have both an Instagram account + blog. Use your Instagram pictures on your blogs and link your Instagram to your blogs. By doing so, you can easily create a whole new experience content-wise.

Never Make Instagram Posts Private

You need to consider this point If you want to increase Instagram followers. One disadvantage of garnering Instagram development is that you cannot protect your Instagram account against those you don’t know because you might alienate your future followers. So, keep your account easily followable and public too.

Use a Nice and Captivating Profile Picture

If you have a photo that seizes the essence of your personality, your content, and your theme, use it, if you don’t, then find something that comes close – visitors should be capable of taking a look at your profile image and your bio and know what to expect.

Link Instagram to Social Media

Know that you can link your Instagram to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and more, letting you post your Instagram stories anywhere. This way, you will be capable of pulling in more followers.

Use these aforementioned tips and grow Instagram followers in no time.

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