How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Get More Followers

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Get More Followers There are many factors to a successful Instagram activity. It’s vital to post great-looking images, write interesting texts with a clear call to action, and post engaging stories and fun videos. There are many things to attend to

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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

When using Instagram for marketing purposes, it is very possible that you will experience a decrease in the Instagram engagement. In case you are not receiving as many comments, likes or new followers as before, don’t panic. Regardless the size, accounts are facing less engagement on Instagram than they did before. This is upsetting news for businesses that depend on Instagram to reach their consumers.

To help you fight the downturn in the engagement, we have rounded up a few strategies that would teach you how to increase engagement on Instagram. However, the most important tips are: creating interesting content, building a true community, and engaging actively with your consumers on a regular basis.

Use Solid, Strong Colors

The most important thing that you need to do is to stand out from the rest. All your followers would likely be following hundreds, if not thousands of other brands and people – many of whom they are really close to. We know that cutting through that clutter isn’t an easy job but if you fail to do it, you would never grab the attention of customers or let alone, get their likes. As per a study, pictures with blue as a ruling color get 24 percent more likes than other colors. However, pictures which are ruled by a single color always beat those images without one. Be certain that most of your pictures feature shades of a strong, solid colors to help them tstand out.

Encourage Discussion

One call to action that boosts manifold levels of engagement is an appeal for discussion. You can state a strong opinion and request a contrasting point of view or ask your followers a question. The motive is to get followers talking among themselves. When you get three or four comments, the comment feed needs to do a task of attracting more comments. Once the conversation is roiling, then you can jump in as the brand and engage directly with those followers. Just be cautious not to get controversial or political.

Include Faces

Needless to mention, faces are the very first thing that we look at while meeting somebody new, bonding with somebody or trying to identify somebody from afar, right? So, it is no secret why people are attracted to them. Faces easily trigger stronger emotions in people and help them in forming stronger impressions. Including faces in Instagram images could encourage social connections with your followers, and therefore you may gain more ongoing contacts. Just be sure that you use real people to increase Instagram engagement and not stock pictures.

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