How to use blogging as a successful marketing tool in 2020

How to use blogging as a successful marketing tool in 2020 In today’s social-media-centered internet, it’s no longer easy to define what a blog is. Is it defined by the platform or the type of content published on it? Can a Facebook page that publishes

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How to Schedule Your Post on Instagram

How to Schedule Your Post on Instagram

Consistency is vital to nailing the Instagram strategy. Needless to mention, an Instagram scheduler is the best way to schedule an Instagram post.

Scheduling your posts has loads of advantages, and is also simple to set up. When you are done, you can easily free up your time to work on the larger picture: seeing results with the Instagram marketing strategy.

Best Tools to Schedule Your Post on Instagram

When you use Instagram as a marketing platform, you need to know when is the best time to post. Not only will it save you time but it can take a headache and stress out of creating an effective Instagram marketing policy as well.

It is certainly not possible for busy businessmen to post and update several times a day or on a regular basis on this photo-sharing network. Luckily, there are several tools available these days that you can use to schedule your post on Instagram. In this post, we will discuss a few tools that will help you schedule your posts on Instagram. Let’s take a look:

#1 Instapult

Is a web-based scheduling tool that allows you to manage Instagram accounts. This tool even lets users invite other managers to help them in managing accounts.

While Instapult lets you upload a single image only, you can apply filters and edit your pictures. You can even schedule to delete your posts at any time.

#2 ScheduGram

With this tool, you can upload multiple and single videos and photos and schedule them all for posting. After uploading your pictures, you can also edit them as to how you want them to be represented on Instagram. You can add effects, retouch, and crop your pictures.

While scheduling, you can even ask for an email notification when your pictures have been published. Moreover, you can offer multiple users access to the accounts you manage if you need help in scheduling posts.

#3 Latergramme

It can effortlessly schedule your post on Instagram through a mobile iOS app; however, you need to do the posting on your own. Only individual photographs are allowed.

Creating and posting could be time-consuming – particularly if you are crafting your posts on the same day you want them to be published.

By batching your tasks, you can easily dodge the costs related to context switching and multitasking. Scheduling all your posts ahead of time is more productive and a better way for creating and sharing content.

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