How to Use Pinterest to Effectively Sell More to Clients

How to use the Pinterest to Effectively Sell More to Clients

Pinterest is becoming more powerful and meaningful in the social media sphere and is quickly turning into more than just a social network based on nice visuals.

Many people are using Pinterest for questions, ideas, inspiration and solutions. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, Pinterest is a great place to be. And, if you are not, think about opening up a new account there immediately.

Whether you are already in Pinterest or not, here are 3 promotional tips for Pinterest:

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Pinterest is great for business!

Pinterest is great for business!

Pinning pins at a fixed frequency

It is recommended to pin pins to the site at a constant frequency, at least once a week. Pinterest users will receive your “pins” regularly and will likely return to wait for new ones.

Additionally, a good time to add pins is around seasonal events – like back to school, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. At these times, people are often more keen to purchase various products.

Create a memorable calendar and unforgettable images

Pinterest is flooded with pictures. Every day, the site bombards people with content from all over the Internet. Therefore, it is important to try to stand out from the crowd. Creating a panel with images that give value or have a common theme is essential for growing your Pinterest influence.

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A few quick tips for making pins:

* Use beautiful images, this is of course the alphabet for success in a visual social network like Pinterest

*Write a detailed description (in the text section below the pin) – both for promotion on Google and for the users to enjoy quality content and understand the essence of the picture

* Turn your pins into Buyable Pins

Pinterest analytics help track your activity.

Pinterest analytics help track your activity.

Our target audience

Pinterest’s statistics and analysis tools show the activity and data about your Pinterest audience. Using the analytical tools, you can learn which pins are most viewed, most loved, the most engaged with, etc. so that we will know what is the most relevant pin to publish.

What is Pinterest Analytics?

The Pinterest Analytics tool helps us understand how users refer to pins that we use based on: frequency of use, engagement, most viewed, etc. 

In summary, don’t forget to use Pinterest for your marketing and sales needs!

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