Improve Your Branding with Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

Want to boost your Instagram marketing? Are you really interested in the latest Instagram marketing tips?

Instagram is a fast-moving platform and hence businesses are now keen to establish a presence and also encourage engagement on this particular network.

Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts

Here you get to see some of the effective tips provided by the experts that will help you in the Instagram promotion.

#1 Shoot Square

One’s Instagram feed is as great as one’s pictures, so beginning with high-quality pictures makes ones Instagram marketing more effectual. The best method to save time and also compose better pictures for Instagram is to click square images. Many smartphones and digital cameras have this in their setting so it is quite easy to do.

#2 Use a Personalized Link Shortener for Tracking Traffic

The most important thing that marketers have to know is if the Instagram account is driving actual traffic and if it leads back to their site. Unluckily, Google analytics cannot properly track this traffic while users visit one’s site from one’s mobile Instagram account. So, it is better to use a customized link. This is the best Instagram marketing tip that you shouldn’t overlook.

#3 Be Strategic with Bio-Link

If you use it for personal purposes, then Instagram is spontaneous and fun. But if you wish to use it as your marketing tool, then you need to be a bit more calculated. If you follow any Instagram marketing guide, then you will know that businesses which are killing it on Instagram plan their post in advance.

#4 Take Benefit from Trending Hashtags

If you want to become a successful marketer, then you need to research about the trending hashtags that are relevant to your products or services. When you use them, then consumers can easily find your products or services. So, research about the latest hashtags and reap the advantages. Keep in mind that this one of the most vital Instagram marketing tips for business.

#5 Cross-Promote your Partner

It is suggested to cross-promote whenever it is possible. The latest trend on Instagram  is to share the love, by tagging others or by outright promoting other services, products, and companies.

#6 Mix Photos and Videos

The last yet hottest Instagram marketing trick is to mix up the posting strategy by including photos in addition to videos. Considering that a video could generate four times more inbound links and it is an invaluable tool which could be used for engaging fans, driving traffic, and growing your following.