Instagram Marketing Tools for Rapid Growth

Instagram Marketing Tools

It is important to build an Instagram marketing strategy. A good strategy is guaranteed to help promote your business. As a business account on Instagram, you have access to a variety of options.  A thought out Instagram marketing strategy will help you focus on what is best for your company. There are many Instagram marketing tools that could be used to grow your account and your social media activities.

Instagram Tools for Filtering Your Images


  • Afterlight: Like Enlight, this is an Instagram tool that is used to filter your photos. If you want more filters than Instagram provides, this is the apt one. Instagram marketing agency often suggests using this filter.
  • Over & Typorama & Wordswag: Your friend is continuously posting inspirational quotations in Instagram; however, you don’t know whether or not they’re graffiti? He could be possibly using any of these Instagram tools.


Instagram Tools for Scheduling


  • Buffer: This tool integrates with Instagram and one can set it up for sending a notification to his/her phone with his/her prewritten caption and edited photo saved to the clipboard and is then ready to be shared in the feed section.
  • ScheduGram: This is one of the most interesting tools. They’re old-school and generally use a pool of phones  from around the world to post for you which will help save you time and gain real and fast exposure.


Instagram Tools for Promotion


  • Like2Buy & Soldsie & Foursixty: These Instagram marketing tools are fun. They let you turn Instagram content into shoppable galleries – certainly something that you need to pay for via Facebook advertising. So, you can use this tool for Instagram promotion.
  • Facebook Power Editor: You should not overlook this powerful tool and it is one of the most important Instagram tips. It seems obvious; however, you’d be amazed how many individuals ignore linking their Instagram account to the Facebook Business Manager. Converting Facebook ad into Instagram ad is as simple as flipping a switch.


Instagram Analytics Tools


  • SocialRank: This tool helps you control your followers – you would know who is following you and whom you are following back. In case you’re striving to maximize your followers, this is definitely a tool you need.
  • Iconosquare: Iconosquare can do the majority of the work when it comes to organizing and scheduling. It’ll show you which influencers are right for your business – something that can be powerful and support the development of your brand on Instagram.


Other Instagram Marketing Tools

  • Crowdfire: It is another tool that would send you recommended posts and what time to share them; you could watch the revenues roll in.
  • Repost: Repost is that small square recycled-looking icon on celebrity posts. This handy tool will let you repost other individuals’ Instagram posts to your account without having to screenshot, re-crop, re-caption them.


Key Features of Instagram Marketing Tools


  • Free advertising
  • Personality and reliability
  • Enhanced engagement