Instagram Scheduling Via Facebook App Creator Studio

Instagram Scheduling Via Facebook App Creator Studio When it comes to social media management, many experts have been struggling juggle between the verity of content they wished to publish for their clients. Well, they’ll sure be relieved now. Facebook adds new feature and now you Instagram scheduling

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Instagram Rules You Should Know While Posting

Instagram Rules You Should Follow

Instagram is offering some new ways to use Instagram Stories advertisement. These days, it is one of the best methods for creating traffic and gaining attention for your websites or blogs.

Let’s take a look at Instagram rules that we should actually follow.

Avoid Using the Banned Hashtags


Consider the fact that every hashtag is different. It is NOT recommended to use Instagram’s banned hashtags. While some of Instagram’s banned hashtags are quite common and match Instagram’s terms of service, others aren’t as clear. Statistics by HuffPo show that the banned list includes adulating, city center, and eggplants. Explore the hashtags you use cautiously, confirm that they are appropriate for your audience and don’t hold a secret, urban vocabulary or emoji meaning you didn’t know about.

Make use of the Third Party Posting App


Instagram has an unseen API- it doesn’t let third-party apps make posts directly to Instagram. One can easily make use of the social media dashboard such as Agorapulse in order to handle an Instagram account but the process is somewhat complicated compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Most of social media management apps will challenge you but you can easily sign up for an Agorapulse account and plan for an Instagram post.

You can easily log onto the Agorapulse app that will lead you to Instagram where you can hit circulate. The problem is most people do not know how to get there.

You can do it! There are a number of apps such as, Schedugram that posts straight to Instagram for you, they will ask for your username and password to have access to the account. The renowned Terms and Conditions can be annoying but it keeps your account safe.

Avoid Using the Post Too Much Content


Essentially, Instagram favors actual and human posters. The many “dos” and “don’ts” are meant to give priority to them over bots and spammers. On the other hand, Twitter owns apps such as Social Quant that can mechanically follow and unfollow lots of people to create and boost the following. Instagram scowls on that sort of behavior. That’s why they have an informal cap on account action.

To avoid any sort of inconvenience, you should discuss these points with experts.

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