Should Linkedin Advertising be Part of your Digital Strategy?

Should LinkedIn Advertising Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy? Linkedin advertising has been around for a while, but there are still a lot of businesses that don’t include it as part of their digital advertising strategy. In the past, the social network for professionals has

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Instagram Scheduling Via Facebook App Creator Studio

Instagram Scheduling Via Facebook App Creator Studio

When it comes to social media management, many experts have been struggling juggle between the verity of content they wished to publish for their clients. Well, they’ll sure be relieved now. Facebook adds new feature and now you Instagram scheduling via facebook app Creator Studio. 

High Capacity

Although Instagram already allowed scheduling through third-party, Instagram always kept some sort of capacity for these tool, to keep the ball in their hands. With Creator Studio you can schedule as many posts and content as you want. Which can make Social Media Managers job way easier. 

Post Preview

By using the Creator Studio for your Instagram schedules you can see exactly how the posts will look like when you publish them. Just as it was possible, until today, only with Facebook scheduled posts. Many other providers that allowed you till today to schedule posts for Instagram, never had the option to actually see the post as it will look like when you post it. 

Furthermore, you can see all your posts and their insights in one place, as a workflow or individually.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.03.06 PM
Post insight

How to Start Using 'Create Studio'

First thing first, when you want to start using the Creator Studio app for Instagram  you need to have an Instagram business account, along with Facebook Page linked to the account. Then, link it to your Creator Studio dashboard. 

After that, you can head over to the ‘Create Post’ button, there you can choose either to post on your feed or an IGTV.

Then you upload the photo you want, edit the caption, add location, tags and etc. In addition to it, with Creator Studio you can upload as many images as you want, not like all the other third-party tools out there. 

Now we got to the money time, you can schedule the post, by the time and date that you choose to publish the post. When you do so you can then go back to the dashboard and reorganize your posts however you want in a perfect workflow.


As you can tell from all the above, it seems like this new feature at the Facebook App ‘Creator Studio’ would make a lot the work for Social Media Managers easier and more practical.

With that being said, let’s not forget that it’s very new. I would say we would have to wait and see how it full off. 

One thing for sure, that looks very promising. 

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