The IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles

The IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles Author :  Romit  Ron, Web Content Manager Almost two weeks ago I had the pleasure to join Tal Navarro, the CEO and owner of Social-Lady, at the IAC EDGE event in Los Angeles. The first time it Los

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Looking for a New Job? LinkedIn Has Some New Ways to Help

LinkedIn has rolled out some new developments

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As part of a “new year, new features” strategy from LinkedIn, the social media platform has rolled out some new perks to help users. LinkedIn wants to better inform users of newly advertised positions, while accurately and clearly defining the skills sought for their ideal roles.

The Mobile Push

Regarding this strategy, LinkedIn’s developers decided to launch a new mobile push alert. This option is especially tailored for users who are actively looking for a new job. Essentially, it works by sending a direct alert to users’ phones when employers post about jobs relevant to them. Like many news agencies use today, the alert option for LinkedIn will expedite the connection between job and employer.

With this development, LinkedIn is returning to its roots of aiming to better serve users who are in the job market. As employers post new work opportunities , the push feature will enable users to take action immediately. This could push LinkedIn users a step ahead of their colleagues.

LinkedIn's mobile developments

LinkedIn’s mobile developments

In order to access the push alert, change your status to “actively looking for a job” in your career interests dashboard. Then, check that mobile notifications are on.

Job Title Highlights

While furthering their hold on the mobile realm was an important step, LinkedIn has also added a new feature to the web platform itself. ‘Job Title Highlights’ will provide users with more insight into specific jobs. The highlights will detail the top skills people in similar roles have, the top companies hiring employees for these roles, and your own suitability to the job.

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As you can see, the new insights are listed on the search page for a specific job title:

LinkedIn's Job Title Highlights

LinkedIn’s Job Title Highlights

To access these insights, go to the search bar, type in a specific job title. Click “enter”. Once you have your search results, you’ll see a new section on the right of the page that shows highlights for that specific job title.

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, these tools are but another way for the platform to provide guidance and assistance for job seekers.  These new tools will do just this as they provide a greater ease of access to new job opportunities and further detailed analysis for job seekers, which will help users reach the next stage of their careers.  

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