Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2021 is a watershed year in digital marketing. At its end, a business that does not provide customers with a convenient and straightforward way to buy its products online is in danger of becoming obsolete. Without physical contact with the audience and with most transactions happening online, businesses of all niches must create a complete and engaging online experience for their clients. As a result, more and more companies invest in their online presence and join the competition for the consumer’s heart (and pocket).

How can you stand out in this reality, create attractive digital channels, and reach your potential clients? Focus on your online business activity and avoid the common pitfalls businesses face in their digital marketing efforts. We’ve made a list of what you should avoid in 2021:

1. Putting out an outdated message

We’ve all been through a lot this year, and the world has changed in little and big ways. Make sure the message on your marketing channels corresponds to your new reality. Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience’s needs at this time and update your content accordingly. Even small details like the background photos you used on your website may suddenly seem outdated or irrelevant. Remember that to be relevant to your clients you must show them that you understand their world and listen to their needs.

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2. Sticking to one type of content

If you’re posting photo after photo with similar captions on your Instagram and Facebook profiles over and over again, you have to start diversifying your content. Make videos of your work processes, interview your users or clients, make fast-paced clips, and broadcast live. And don’t forget to diversify your written content as well – don’t fall into the same patterns. The more varied your range is, the more exposure you’ll get, and the more likely you are to reach a broader audience.

3. Expecting exposure without investment

Varied and engaging content is a must for any business that wants to succeed through digital marketing. And in 2021, you can’t expect audiences to discover your content organically. You need to help it get noticed in the constant stream of images and videos. Leave room in your budget for targeted paid promotions and smart automation tools. And put in the manual work sharing your posts in relevant groups and participating in engagement pods. In most cases, only a well-thought-through combination of the above will lead to results.

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4.Making it hard to buy your products

If you want people to buy from you online, the process of choosing and purchasing from you should be as straightforward as possible. A confused or frustrated client will probably leave you for your competitors. Invest in a user-friendly website with convenient search and filtering options. Give the client as much information about the product as possible and declare any shopping costs or procedures in advance. On your social channels, explain time and time again where and how to find your products, how to enter your website, and what to expect along the way. Even if you’ve already shared this information, always think of the potential customers facing your content for the first time.

5. Ignoring people who contact you

In an age when face to face customer service doesn’t exist, any question, message, or comment you get through your digital channels should be a top priority. Whether someone contacts you with a specific question about a product or comments on one of your posts, this is your opportunity to make a good impression. We always remember when we get good service. Even if you can’t accommodate the request, there are more chances the client will return if they get a warm response. If customer service is taking too much of your time, use advanced tools, such as chatbots, to automate it, but don’t neglect this critical aspect of your digital presence.

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A converting website, engaging content, a trendy social presence, and exceptional customer service are a must to stand out from the competition. Only combining all these elements will make audiences notice you, consider your products, and ultimately buy from you.

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