Instagram Business Marketing Checklist for 2020

Instagram Business Marketing Basic Checklist for 2020 2019 has been a turbulent year in Instagram business marketing: IGTV rose in popularity, scheduling posts in advance through Facebook became a possibility, and the rumors about Instagram’s plan to hide the number of likes per post became

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Master Your Content With The 70-20-10 Rule

Master Your Content With The 70-20-10 Rule.

Billion of people are scrolling through social media networks all day, every day. There is a good chance that your business has reached some amount of those people. Though to be present out there doesn’t mean you’re getting the appearance you’re looking for. When it comes to planning your content it can get very tricky. Especially when your goal is to attract more audience to actually buy from and not scare them off.

Since its a struggle for many creators, so as for social media expert, the key is to master your content with the 70-20-10 rule.

Master Your Content With The 70-20-10 Rule

Build Your Brand - 70%

This part is certainly the one that gets the creativity out of you. Here is your chance to show off the brand personality, what you stand for, your unique skills and of course, present some fun moments. When creating this type of content it better be relevant and valuable. If it does, then you set yourself for success!

With that being said remember to make content that brings just enough information about your brand without making it looks like an advertisement.

Shared Content - 20%

Sharing other sources content can label you as a brand that is up to date with events in your industry. Which means, as much as it is important to create great content, it’s very beneficial as a brand to share content as well.

When you do so, you would what it to be entertaining and fun so it’s more likely to be shared by your existing audience which leads to more exposure.

However, make sure the content you’re sharing is relevant to your niche, to keep the reliability of your brand.

Promotional Content - 10%

Let’s face it, users on social media are not looking to be sold in any sort of way. But they do buy a lot online. Here’s where you need to be very careful about what you putting out there. You would want to share your new promotion or present your products, though when doing so don’t present it too hard. Try to be chill about it while offering your product or services.

Remember, this part of the content should be no more than 10% of your content strategy.


Making your content work out for you can be frustrating. Following the 70-20-10 rule can make this so easy for you not only to create relevant and valuable content for your audience and make more sales but establish your brand high in the industry.

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