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Mentoring The Next Generation

Mentoring The Next Generation

For many years I have been a lecturer, mentor and coach in the field of digital marketing and the online business. Seriously, many years, over a decade.
But I never had such a special experience as I had to mentor the next generation of Eitanim’s youth last week.

The Future Generation of All of Us:

The IAC Youth Program operates once a year and brings together Jewish youth from all over the world. The program is running in English so that both Israeli youth and American Jewish youth can participate in the activities.
It is a annual program which takes place throughout the year in 20 communities across the US. The Hakaton in Los Angeles is the highlight event alongside their annual conference.

The Hakaton - Los Angeles

Each time the groups receive a task related to an issue in Israel. Each group should work together and think about a creative solution to raise awareness about that subject they’ve got. In other words, they were encouraged to find a solution of any kind, especially based on technology (but not only).
It can be a game, an app, a one-time event, advertisement, etc.
The groups are guided by mentors who own start-ups, entrepreneurial companies from all over the United States. The idea is that the children would learn from mentors with real business experience. Therefore, all their work will be realistically reviewed based on the acceptance of the product in the real market.

So when I was invited to be a mentor in this special annual project, of course, I couldn’t refuse. And yet, until I reached the place, I did not understand what awaited me.

Developing Ideas for Holocaust Accessibility

This year the concept of the event was Holocaust accessibility. The children were divided into groups and needed to create a product that would make the Holocaust accessible to future generations. The inspiration for all of them was “Eva’s Story”. As an example of an ingenious way to tell the story behind the Holocaust.
During the activities, in order to inspire the children, they had a live broadcast with hi-tech entrepreneur Mati Kohavi and his daughter Maya. They were the ones who produced and created Eva’s exciting project, and gave the children a little background on the activity and motivation for their work.

And you know what?

The truth is that I came to give my knowledge and guidance, however I feel like I am the one who has learned a lot!

Moreover, these young guys came up with ideas that would not embarrass start-ups with people my age! They built a business plan, prepared a deck for investors, with a product characterization, goals, a mock-up and even a catchy name to catch the market.

So much talent in one place! To sum it up , I left this project full of pride for our youth, for their ambition to bring change, initiate and create.
Mentoring The Next Generation

Demo Day:
The Children Present Their Works

Demo Day ended with a special and dignified evening, in which the children presented their works and won prizes. Firstly, It was a great opportunity for the groups to show their loved ones the results of their work. Secondly, not just the parents and friend scame to support. Many of the community members filled the hall and came to encourage the participants with the children. I was thrilled to be part of this experience,  proud of the youth’s skills and their brilliant ideas.
Different businessmen were judges of the competing teams. In the end they announced a winning team that brought the best idea.
The blood of strong children
Thanks for a great experience, already waiting for the next time 🙂

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Special moments with the children of Eitanim
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