New Filters in YouTube Studio To Make Commenting Easier

New Filters in YouTube Studio To Make Commenting Easier

When we talk about Social Media and the importance of engagement, we can’t help but emphasize the impotence of comments and connecting with your audience. YouTube as recently released new filters in YouTube Studio to make commenting easier for creators and brands. 

What YouTube Has To Say

YouTube as a very powerful social media platform is defiantly putting a lot of effort on that expect. So as right now, that they has released new set of filters to help creators and brands to keep the conversation with their audience in the best efficient way. 

Here are some of what YouTube has to say themselves “Comments can be a powerful way for you to continue the conversation from your videos and build a community with your audience. Over the past two years, we’ve introduced a number of new ways to help you manage conversations within your community including creator hearts, comment pinning, and a new setting to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.”

New Filters in YouTube Studio To Make Commenting Easier

The New Search Filters - Benefits

The all purpose of the new set of filters that YouTube added to YouTube Studio is to make it easier for creators and brands. YouTube explain “This is the top feature request we get from creators, and we hope it makes it easier to find and respond to the comments that are most important to you.” 

Therefore, now you can actually categorize your comments and make it easier to respond and keep on track. Now you can filter your comment by some categories, such as:

– Response status – Have I already responded to this comment?

– Contains question – Does the comment contain a question?

– Subscriber count – Does the commenter have at least 1K/10K/100K/1M/10M subs?

– Subscriber status – Is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?

– Member status – Is the commenter a member?

The ability to find and filter the comments as maintained above, can help the creators to identify what kind of content gets more attention and engagement, so he can decide where to put more focus for the next piece of content. 

Image source: YouTube.

How To Start Using It

In order to start using this new feature, you would need to open up YouTube Studio on your desktop. Then select on the left menu “Comments” and start play withe the filter bar. Now you have so many filters that can help narrow down any specific comments you need for your activities. 

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