How to Sell Online Without a Website

How to sell online without a website?

Are you looking for ways to sell online or exploring e-commerce platforms that don’t require building a website? This article is for you.

Many businesses avoid selling their products or offering their service online because they can’t afford the investment of an e-commerce store. However, in the time of social distancing, digitizing your business and finding a way to sell online is imperative. Owning and operating a stand-alone website is a valuable asset in the long run, but you don’t need one to start your online shop. There are several ways to reach your audience, showcase your products, and carry out transactions without a website.

Here are three simple and convenient strategies we recommend for businesses that want to start selling online without investing in a website:

Joining large e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Etsy

Online “malls” like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay provide a convenient way for retailers to offer their goods to customers all over the world. The prices for using these platforms can be high, but the advantages are enormous. Amazon even provides storage and shipping services, so business owners don’t need to worry about the logistics. Keep in mind, though, that the competition on these platforms is stiff, so you will probably have to pay for in-platform advertising on top of everything else. Plus, telling your story and connecting with your audience is not easy when you’re just one in many sellers in every search result.

Sell online with Amazon
Amazon provides a convenient way for retailers to offer their goods to customers all over the world

Creating a landing page for your business

One of the commonly used channels to start selling online or expanding your digital activity is building a landing page. Simple to build and operate, landing pages offer a convenient way to get your message out there. Platforms like ActiveTrail, MailChimp, or Unbounce all offer a way to build your own landing page using pre-made templates. Landing pages don’t provide the long-term advantages of owning your signature domain, but in many other ways, they can be used just like a mini-website. It’s easy to showcase your products, record leads, or carry out transactions without any prior knowledge in design or programming.

Landing Page
Landing pages can be used as a mini website

Leveraging your social channels for sales

Many small businesses that want to start selling online as fast as possible, forget that they already have online channels that can be utilized for sales. Whether you sell retail goods, offer digital products, or provide services for all kinds, take advantage of your social profiles to find your audience. For some businesses, it can be as easy as posting your phone number on your Facebook business page and inviting people to give you a call. Creating a photo catalog of your products on your Facebook page can help people choose what they want and order with a comment. Various social media networks also offer advanced tailor-made e-commerce tools such as Facebook Shop or Instagram Checkout. While it may take some work and time to get up a digital catalog and get approved for these tools, the advantages of selling directly from your profile are enormous. Offering the audience that follows you a way to buy online while they are browsing means increasing your sales.

Take advantage of your social profiles to find your audience

So do you need a website to sell online?

Businesses that want to create an online sales channel as fast as possible, or can’t afford a website of their own have several options. Joining a large sales platform, creating a custom landing page, or using existing social channels are all great ways for starting out in the world of e-commerce. Even those who already have a website will benefit from leveraging these strategies to reach out to potential customers and sell more products.

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