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“From the day I started to work with Instagram, my life have changed. I learned that there is so much that this app is offering and more and more businesses have been using it to grow their businesses. When I created Social Lady, I knew it is going to change a lot of other people's lives, just as it did to me. I am very happy and proud to provide my services to a variety of people, companies and talents from all over the world. My own Instagram account is one of the best examples to the amazing results that Social Lady services can provide."

@talnavarro, Digital & Lifestyle lover

“Social Lady is amazing to work with. I have been working with them for a very long time now, and it's easy, quick and most importantly efficient! After I started working with Social Lady my Instagram followers grew immensely, my page got more exposure and the engagement reached a new level. What I like about their services is that it targets the people that are right for you or your product, and not random people. Highly recommended!”

@shaniatias.1, Actress & Movie Star

“I've been working with social lady for a while now and I really enjoy the results. My Instagram account has grown exponentially, followers are real active and targeted followers and are responding and engaging even to old photos I have on my account (which are representing my work, so it is very important to me). Tal is absolutely stunning and completely professional and brings results. There is no room for deliberation. This is a mandatory service for any business that wants to work digitally, and Tal is simply the best in this field. Social-Lady has changed the way I work”.


“We needed to increase Instagram exposure because our target market uses Instagram on a daily basis. I trust Social-Lady completely. With very little direction needed from my end, the amazing Instagram promotion tool is able to execute and bring great results. Our followers amount have increased and they are our targeted and focused audience. We are very happy to work with Social Lady & will always recommend working with them if you want great results and more traffic!”.

@theivy.co Tara Seruya – Online App - Interior designers Community

“Networking is key for a fashion blogger, and attracting followers out of the sea of other bloggers is certainly difficult. Social Lady offers a friendly PR service with a personal touch that helped take my exposure and social media interactions to a much higher, and much appreciated, level. The Social Lady team is responsive and easy to work with, and I am pleased to recommend them.”.

@yellowbrickrunway, a blogger & a model

“Social Lady is a company managed by a brilliant person with a great team with excellent skills and customer service. We really enjoyed working with them and achieved great results with the services they provide. Our social engagements and followers grow tremendously and we saw the results every day. Social lady is very hands on and we did not have to worry about promoting or managing. SM team worked on their own and achieved amazing results. We extremely appreciate the work with Social Lady and recommended her to all of our colleagues. ”.

@Splacer.co, Lihi Gerstner CMO & Cofounder of a Startup company - a marketplace for event spaces

“After working with her for over 5 months, I can understand why. Tal Navaro has delivered excellent results, managing my social media accounts. she chooses the perfect photos, write the accurate text to accompany the photo, and this combinations leads to more and more followers, likes and engagements, from quality users of social media in my target group which are foodies. Her excellent work has resulted a triple amount of followers since we started working together, and therefore I have prolonged our contract till further notice. I can highly recommend any business to make one of the smartest marketing choices and to work with Tal Navaro, if your social media presence is important to you, and in our world, I cannot see how it cannot be. I wish you lots of success in taking the right move; I thank my lucky start everyday to have taken this choice and working with Social Lady ”.

@Chef_Charliefadida, executive chef at the global Food Global Services company

“I have been working with Social-Lady quite some time now and since I have started to work with Tal and the team, I am very happy with the exposure of my business to my relevant audience. The likes and the interaction with customers – on Instagram and also at the store - has improved Social-Lady also provides an excellent customer service and extremely responsive 24 hours. "

@karenMichelleLA Fashion by Karen Michelle, CEO

“Working with Social Lady has leveraged my business and opened a new marketing channel that I have barley used before. As a private chef I discovered how amazing is Instagram for me and since working Social Lady I am able reaching my audience and communicate with my customers at the same time. I work with Social Lady on different campaigns and since we started, my Instagram grew with exposure to the right clients and I am thankful for that everyday.”.

@YoavSchverd, Private Chef

“I am very pleased with the results and the exposure to my target audience through the Instagram, and the number of followers and interaction levels. Likes and comments has increased significantly since we started working together and at the same time, her work is very professional, pleasant, honest and true. I strongly recommend working with her and her team! ”

@Shailylipa, Cookbooks author, culinary editor and a TV cooking show host

“I’ve been working with Social Lady for the past year and the results are amazing! I reach new and potential clients, I see much more interaction on the posts I am uploading and my exposure got much better and focused. Beside the great results, the customer service is amazing, Tal and her team pickup the phone and respond to text msgs whenever I need right away. I Highly recommend Social Lady to your business.”

@TomerPeretzart, Artist

“I’ve been working with Social lady for a while and I am extremely pleased and thankful. Right as we started collaborate the number of my followers increased significantly. Social Lady team are professional, kind and helpful. They offered me a lot of tips and tools for improving my page and promoted me as a Yoga teacher in social media. It created a great interaction and a lot of interest in my page. As a result, I have received large amount of potential customers and my business started to grew. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking to improve his Instagram account and his business to start working with Social Lady.”

@efi_fitness_, Yoga Instructor

“I am glad that I chose to work with social Lady The team is very clear and helped me to promote my intragram profile to dimensions I had never known before, with targeted audience that engage my content and some of them even working with me as of today. The results are very impressive and speak for themselves and three months after I started working with her the number of my followers doubled from 5,000 to 10,000. Thank you”.

@mosessiluk, a photographer

“Working with social lady is a pleasure. I've been working with them for a long time now and I must say they are very professional and easy to work with. Since starting to work with social lady our number of followers is increasing daily and we are able to reach a larger audience to introduce our brand to. That exposure leads to more sales and people engaging my product. I would definitely recommend social lady for anyone who wants to use Instagram as a marketing channel. ”

@mayaya.kids - Kids fashion Aya Fridman, Owner


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