7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience and build brand loyalty, your business needs a podcast. Podcasts are an excellent way for you to speak directly to your audience in an informal setting.  

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Should Linkedin Advertising be Part of your Digital Strategy?

Should LinkedIn Advertising Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy?

Linkedin advertising has been around for a while, but there are still a lot of businesses that don’t include it as part of their digital advertising strategy. In the past, the social network for professionals has offered limited promotion options. However, Linkedin recently introduced Objective-based advertising, making it easier for marketers to utilize the platform for their needs.

Linkedin's new advertising objectives. Image source: Linkedin
Linkedin's new advertising objectives. Image source: Linkedin


Linkedin’s improvements come at a time when many advertisers experience a decline in their Facebook ads performance. About a year ago, Facebook removed part of the targeting options it offered due to its infamous data privacy crises. Advertisers can no longer target ad campaigns based on specific parameters such as purchasing behavior, in-market audiences, or household income. This change also causes more and more business owners to consider transferring their marketing budgets to Linkedin.

It’s evident that Linkedin is becoming a significant advertising platform. But how can you know whether advertising on Linkedin is right for your product or service?

Here are the three most important things to consider:


Linkedin Sponsored Content. Image source: Linkedin.
Linkedin Sponsored Content. Image source: Linkedin.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Linkedin is well known for being a business-oriented network. Its users are interested in professional networking, advice on career-related topics, and collaborating with like-minded people. While targeting people by profession on Facebook is virtually impossible, on Linkedin, users provide exact information on their profession. When you sign up for a Linkedin account, you describe your job title, industry, company name, company size, etc. Advertisers can use that information to target by company, job titles, etc.

Linkedin is the place where you can zoom in on specific industries or reach people in certain roles. You can also use creative targeting options like targeting people who work in large companies or women freelancers, to give just two examples. If you know that your audience consists of specialists, CEOs, or college graduates in a particular field, Linkedin Advertising is right for you.

Linkedin Inmail Ads. Image source: Linkedin.
Linkedin Inmail Ads. Image source: Linkedin.

2. Is Your Message Phrased Correctly?

Linkedin offers marketers a few different ad types:

Sponsored content that appears right in the user’s feeds and looks almost identical to regular posts. In this type of ad, you have the option to use LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms. These are especially effective, as LinkedIn pulls information directly from users’ profiles to include in a lead generation form. In the past year, LinkedIn also introduced Sponsored Content Video Ads. With these, you can place your promotional videos right on your audience’s Linkedin feed.

Sponsored Inmail Ads are messages sent directly to your target audience’s Linkedin inboxes. A fantastic opportunity to reach your audience directly. Just be sure to use them smartly, and don’t spam message boxes with letters that don’t grab the reader’s attention.

Text Ads that are small, text-based, notices that appear alongside a user’s feed. Similar to Google Search Ads in their appearance, these will work if you can describe your offer in a way that’s both concise and compelling.

Advertising on Linkedin means that your message should be told in one (or more) of these formats. So make sure you can produce the right type of ad before you begin advertising on Linkedin.

Linked in Text Ads. Image source: Linkedin.
Linked in Text Ads. Image source: Linkedin.

3. Do You Have The Budget?

Linkedin’s precise targeting options mean that it’s a relatively expensive platform for advertisers. You should undoubtedly expect clicks to be pricier here than on Facebook. However, LinkedIn ads typically get more quality clicks and therefore drive more quality leads. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for Reach and Awareness campaigns. Linkedin is the place where you get quality leads if you are willing to pay for them. Digital advertising often involves an initial period of experimentation before you optimize your ROI. So be prepared for an initial increase in spending when you launch your Linkedin campaigns.


Trial and error are an essential part of digital advertising, so experimenting with new platforms and formats is always a good idea. If you want to target people by profession or job title, have the ability to produce compelling ads, and are prepared to invest in quality leads, Linkedin should be part of your advertising strategy. That said, LinkedIn Ads aren’t just for B2B companies. B2C companies, nonprofits, universities, and many other types of organizations can also use this ad platform for specific purposes, like hiring employees or offering services to professionals.

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