Should You Separate Your Business & Personal Account on IG?

A question that's being asked often by my small-business-owner clients is - "Should I split my personal and business account? Or have it under one profile?"

I'm hear to save you the trouble, you really only need one.

Business & Pleasure

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Storytelling is key on Instagram

When Instagram popped out in 2012 people joined it to be able to share their memories with friends & family.

If you are like me, you and your account have grown since then and you established a solid foundation of followers that like you for your niche and values. Mainly, you told your story to the world and optimized your account.

By developing your voice, you established an online presence that is genuine and authentic. Also, you gained seniority on the platform. Seniority is important on IG because the algorithm tends to prefer old accounts and neglect new accounts.

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And now you started your business - what should you do?

Now, you might have started your own business – and the question is, should you open a new account for your business or keep both business & pleasure under the same roof?
I would DEFINITELY recommend mixing your personal and business accounts under one handle. Don’t open a new account for your business. Continue with the original content.

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On what cases you should mix your business with your personal account?

If YOU are the product, or YOU are the one that created the product, or YOU are the service provider – YOU SHOULD BE AT THE PRONT.

Social media platforms are fundamental – social.
People are spending time on the platform to socially interact with other people.

If you are the service provider of your business you should use one account for IG (nail salon, makeup artist, massage giver, PT, photography, car shop, coach of any kind, chef, artist, small fashion business, etc)

Try and personalize your account as much as you can, make people connect to YOU! Rather than just promoting the product by putting it at the front – try to create a story.
Everyone has a story! You have a story no matter who you are. People will buy your product/service because they feel connected to you. And so, I wouldn’t separate the two accounts.


Also, don’t forget that managing an Instagram account takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources! So save yourself the trouble of managing two accounts.

On what cases you should NOT mix your business with your personal account?

When your small business expanded beyond your personal brand – and gained a status an individual brand, you should open a new IG account to your business.

For example, my company – Social Lady, and my personal account- Tal Navarro – are separate.

When I first started my company I was on my own, and I did everything. I slowly started to expand and reached a point where developing the Social Lady brand made sense.

In addition, you should separate your business account from your personal account when the call to action is contradicting. For example, a non profit versus leisure spending.

Only you can share your story in an authentic magical way that will help other people relate and connect to you.
Stand up for what you believe in

Share other stories that inspire you

Offer valuable content

Be a guide

Stay positive

Love yourself and others



Good Luck!

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