The IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles

The IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles

Author :  Romit  Ron, Web Content Manager

Almost two weeks ago I had the pleasure to join Tal Navarro, the CEO and owner of Social-Lady, at the IAC EDGE event in Los Angeles. The first time it Los Angeles. 

Let me get back for a minute and introduce myself. Nice to meet you all, I’m Romit Ron and I’m a Web Content Manager at Social Lady and Tal’s right hand. I create content for a while now, in many fields such as blogging, social media and etc. Although, working at Social Lady has given me so much.

Working with Tal is an amazing experience for me, since she has so many years of experience in the digital world and knowledge in marketing. Not to mention the great co-workers of mine. Each one of them brings something else to table, and that makes a magical brilliant work environment. it’s just an amazing thing to grow with and improve professionally.

IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles

The Key To Social Media

Back to the point. I work with Tal for a while now. At the IAC event, it was the first time I watched her lecturing live. It was fascinating. Tal was talking about social media branding. Explained how you can use your social media platforms to grow your audience. What kind of content strategy you should use. How to use Instagram to your advantage and etc. 

The event spans the entire day. Different leaders and entrepreneurs lectured simultaneously about many subjects in the digital world. Tal’s lecture was scheduled to be for everyone altogether. And honestly, it was a smart idea. I do social media for a while now, as I told you. So I know the importance of using it and more importantly, how.

But not everyone does. And that’s ok. Although, be sure to educate yourself about this. The audience was fascinated by Tal’s lecture. Let’s say, we had not enough time for all the questions. 

Social Media Branding Lecture By Tal Navarro
Social Media Branding By Tal Navarro

Experts From All Around The Globe

The IAC events known as events that bring together as many talented people as they can. So has this one was, filled with many talented young entrepreneurs and leaders, Israeli and American Jewish. It was so inspiring. It is a great thing to see, how many successful people are all around us. Hearing their stories and tips makes you believe it is very much possible to achieve anything you put your mind in, and of course, put the work in.

Among those amazing leaders on the event, you could hear from Chen Yahav Levanon, Co-Founder with Adi Zief-Balteriski of MyKumbaya our beloved clients, on her journey in the business world.

Chen Yahav Levano, Adi Zief-Balteriski and Tal Navarro at the IAC EDGE event

One last thing that I feel the need to mention. Besides Tal and Chen, there were many other women in the event. As a young woman in this business, it fills me with honor and hope for many more female leaders and entrepreneurs representation in the business world and in general. 

 To Sum it up, I add had a great pleasure been present at this event. I hope I managed to pass some of the inspiring moments through this article. 

Don’t forget that you can achieve anything you want. All you need to do is want it, work for it and believe it’s already yours. 


IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles
Linda Kasian Photography-2195
IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles
IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles
Linda Kasian Photography-04445
IAC EDGE Event In Los Angeles
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