7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience and build brand loyalty, your business needs a podcast. Podcasts are an excellent way for you to speak directly to your audience in an informal setting.  

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How to use IGTV to promote your business

How to use IGTV to promote your business

Instagram launched it’s video platform IGTV as a standalone app in 2018, declaring it as the next YouTube. Its success may not have been instant, but it has been gaining popularity with more and more Instagram users swiping away from their feeds to watch longer videos. As with any new feature, Instagram encourages the use of IGTV by promoting the content you post there. With these advantages, IGTV is immerging as the channel that has the potential to increase your exposure in 2020. But as with all digital platforms, you have to use it correctly to get the most out of it.

If IGTV still isn’t part of your digital strategy or you’re struggling with using the network to promote your business, here are a few tips that may help:

Jump right in

In our experience, many companies are reluctant to add video content to their advertising materials. Videos seem harder to produce and require more planning and editing than still images. But the best advice we can give on this issue is to go for it. Don’t miss out just because you’re not a professional cinematographer – get your message out there! Video is an immensely powerful medium that will almost always get more attention than a photo.

Don't aim for perfection

If you are still hesitant to post videos to your business feed because your videos may not be polished enough, don’t let that discourage you. Like Instagram Stories, IGTV is all about the personal point of view. Food and lifestyle content site Thrillist actually discovered that videos taken on their reporters’ phones got more attention on IGTV than the quality productions they were used to doing for other platforms.

Optimize for mute watching

While your videos don’t have to be professional, it is vital to make them accessible for the many many people who watch IGTV with the sound off. Take the time to compose captions and make sure that your message comes across without hearing the actual sound of the video recording.

Write smart titles

The IGTV video title is similar to the feed caption of your Instagram posts. It should be descriptive so people can instantly know what’s in front of them. It should also be attractive so they will want to watch your video. Avoid clickbait or vague titles that don’t convey information.

Utilize the advantages of IGTV descriptions

One of the significant benefits Instagram created for IGTV users is the ability to share clickable links in the IGTV post description. That’s an excellent opportunity to drive traffic from Instagram to your blog, site, or store. Descriptions can also include hashtags and mentions, so make sure you use them to increase the discoverability of your content.

Share your videos to your feed

When uploading your IGTV video, you can choose the “Post a Preview” option to post a preview of your video on your Instagram feed. That means that the latest image on your Instagram profile will be your IGTV video, and your followers will be able to see a 1-minute preview of it while they scroll.

Be sure to use custom thumbnails for the preview: Instead of a screen capture from the video, create an image that will fit the 1:1 square of the grid view, 4:5 portrait of the feed, and 9:16 of IGTV.

Promote videos in your stories

As with any other digital content, posting is just the beginning of the process. Promoting your content is the hard part. Instagram makes life a little easier by giving you the possibility to link to your IGTV video directly from your Stories with a swipe-up link available to all IGTV channel owners.

IGTV is constantly evolving. Since its launch, it has already introduced multiple new features, such as horizontal video(!), branded content tags, and IGTV series. This growing social channel is an excellent opportunity for brands to share their message in compelling ways and reach new audiences. Make sure you make IGTV part of your digital content strategy for 2020.

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