7 Ways To Strategically Use The Instagram Highlights Feature

7 Ways To Strategically Use The Instagram Highlights Feature

Instagram Highlights is essentially a way to save Instagram Stories to appear on your profile for longer than 24 hours. Stories can be organized into files that appear as circles at the top part of your profile. The name and cover image of each file can be customized to your needs. Instagram Content Creators and Businesses use these files in a variety of ways. Content publishers are always coming up with new and inventive ways to make the most out of this feature.

Here are a few general things you should know about creating Instagram Highlights:

  • Choose the right image. Upload a dedicated Highlight Cover that reflects the look and feel of your business. You can easily design a cover in Canva or in a dedicated app.
  • Give a short headline. The optimal name for a highlight contains up to 10 characters. Longer headlines will get cut off. If ten isn’t enough for you, consider including text in the cover image.
  • You can make as many highlights as you like, but note that just a 5 appear on your screen at a time. They appear in the order in which you update them.
Essie Instagram Highlights
Nail polish seller Essie offers tutorials, a "what's new" collection and content from "essielovers".

Using the Highlights strategically can produce an Instagram account that better showcases your business and attracts more potential clients. There are many ways you can do this, and naturally, the right strategy can depend on your niche and business goals. Here are a few ideas to try:

About Us:

Use a sequence of Stories to tell the world about your business, and it’s vision. Describe your values and introduce your team. Just remember – Instagram is a visual platform, so try to stay away from long text and relay your message through photos and short videos

RiflePaper Instagram Highlights
RiflePaperCo offers printables, screen wallpaper and Instagram stickers

Product Catalogue

The highlights are the perfect place to showcase the products you sell. Create a highlight for different product collections and allow users to leaf through just as they would a printed catalog. Keep it fresh by adding and categories such as best sellers, seasonal favorites, or new additions.

Tutorials & Step by Steps

The highlights’ leaf-through experience is also ideal for any step-by-step content, such as tutorials, recipes, DIY, etc…

Content from Clients

As we’re sure you know, UGC – user-generated content is immensely important. Having people interact with your brand by posting about it on social media is the best publicity you can get. However, images or videos created by your community don’t always fit in with the concept of your grid. Post it to your stories and save it to a dedicated highlight.

Canva Instagram Highlights
Canva's Instagram profiles includes tips, Spotlights on designs by users and Wallpapers

Behind the Scenes

Instagram Stories are a place to show the less polished, more spontaneous side of your activity. Take this concept further by giving people a tour of the way your business operates. There is nothing people like more than pulling back the curtain and peeking behind the scenes.


Reading reviews online is a big part of today’s purchase decision process. Make it easy for your profile visitors to find out what other people said about you and your products by putting a collection of reviews and testimonials at the top of your profile.


People love free stuff, even if it’s something not quite tangible, such as downloadable screen backgrounds. So if you want to increase the traffic to your account, offer something to your customers. Create highlights that contain downloadable guides, printables, coupons, or giveaways.

TheKicthn Instagram Highlights
Food site Kitchn creates content specifically for Stories and saves them in Highlights such as Snapshot Recipes and Meal Plans

As with any Social Media strategy, decide on the highlights you need by considering your audience – what are they looking for when they visit your account? Information about your products? Inspiration? Try to create collections that will make them stay on your account. And above all, be creative when using the Instagram Highlights feature.

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