How to Operate WhatsApp for your Businesses

How to Operate WhatsApp for your Business

You might not be aware of the powerful tools offered by the WhatsApp  for businesses suite. It can be difficult to decide what platform are right for your business, and we are here to explain. The easy-to-operate business tools can help you better communicate with your customers in real-time, effectively presenting your products and services through both automated messages and a clever filter system.



Here’s how to do it.

WhatsApp is a free popular chat service owned by Facebook. Currently, it has over 5 billion downloads on Play-Store, 1.5 billions users that collectively send over 60 billion messages in 180 countries.


Its large user base provides great outreach potential, and so using Whatsapp for your business is an excellent resource to automate your company.

What's so great about WhatsApp?

Yes, we think you should ditch your plain (yet, loyal) messenger software and embrace the simplicity of WhatsApp. The personal WhatsApp user experience is incredibly convenient.  And, the Whatsapp for businesses scene comes with a few special perks:


  • Free to use (owned by Facebook)
  • More than just texting: you can make voice / video calls.
  • Free international service (connected to WIFI or Data)
  • Media sending and sharing made easy (voice, video, document, location, contact and more)
  • Easy access from the computer / laptop to continue where you left off with your contacts while all messages sync to phone too (Easy typing on keyboard instead of on your phone)
  • Isn’t discriminating Apple or Android users and operates the same on both.
  • Synced messages and media to recover on a new phone
  • Immediate gratification on message sent by color coded check marks (sent, sent & received, received & read)
  • Allowing businesses to create automated and quick-response messages for fast communication
  • Allowing filters and label creation for customers
  • Easy to promote with a link
Whatsapp for businesses
Whastapp for Businesses (from

How to use Whatsapp for your business?

Step 01:

Download the WhatsApp for Businesses app to your mobile. 


Step 02:

Create a business profile using your basic information (name, address, description, hours of operations, website and a profile photo).


Step 03:

Prepare a list of answers to FAQ so you can send quick responses that feel personal and helpful.

Quick Replays to Whatsapp FAQ

Step 04:

Filter chat lists by group, chat, and unread messages.



Step 05:

Create Labels for an effective organization of your conversations and clients.

Create label on whatsapp for businesses

Step 06:

Start promoting the unique WhatsApp Link on all of your business marketing materials (online and offline). This is the best part about WhatsApp for businesses. Customers can click on your Instagram link or on the WhatApp icon and they will be automatically redirected to a mobile or desktop app with an opened conversation to your businesses.


Pro tip –

You can automate a suggested first message sent by the clients to create an even easier process for the new client.

For example, have the setting first suggested message be “Hey, I would love to buy some of your products, can I get the catalog?”

The customer can then decide to press “ENTER” and send the message or write a new costume message.

This solution can replace live chats and the best part is, that once the message was sent by the customer – it is synced and saved on the customers phone and chat history!

This is an excellent way to communicate with new and current customers quickly and conveniently while providing personal responses.


As communication become more efficient, customers are seeking a personal touch, a relationship and a pleasant experience. WhatsApp is only one of the many platform recommended for small businesses. Yet, we want to encourage you to be “that” business that stands out for not only offering wonderful products, but also making it easy for clients to communicate and process orders.

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